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Your pet’s health and well-being is our top priority.

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We will give superior care to all your “finned, feathered and furry family members!"
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Meet our Team

The Most Caring Professionals. We look forward to earning the opportunity to providing you and your pets our World Class Pet Services.

Your pet’s health and well-being are our top priority.


Bachelor’s Degree in Veterinary and Biomedical science from Penn State.


This isn’t a hobby… this is a full fledged business where our clients rave about us!


Has successfully worked for almost a decade in the pet industry. Worked as a Leader and in Management for a Pet Supply company & a large retail Pet store (PetSmart) and has been around pets all of her life.


Probably the most important trait… Laura absolutely loves animals.

Not only are you trusting someone to go into your home while you’re not there, you’re expecting them to take the BEST care of your fur babies! This is why we hire only employees here at ParaMount Pet Care as opposed to independent contractors. Before they are invited to join they team, applicants go through a zoom interview with the owner, an in person “field” interview with the manager and a professional reference check. Once they pass that round, they have to have a clean background check and then go through our online and in person training process, CPR & First Aid training and sign off on the policies and procedures and code of ethics in the employee handbook. Just before they are assigned to their first visit, they are individually bonded and ensured and are then ready to be accompanied by our manager for their first Meet and Greet!

Our team members come with years of personal or professional pet experience and great people skills to be able to accommodate every client’s needs! We will engage, play with and spend time interacting with and monitoring your pets to ensure their safety and happiness while you are away and we are with them.

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Meet The Owner, 
Laura Breakstone



After graduating college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Veterinary and Biomedical science, I had decided that going to vet school was not the appropriate route for me after all. One thing I was sure of was that I still wanted to spend the rest of my life working with animals because that is my one true passion. I was immediately asked upon graduation to become a manager at the big chain pet store I had spent many of my high school and college breaks working at. I then switched gears a few short years later to a small independent retailer known as P&D Pet Supply in Mountain Top. Working here made me fall in love with business and the idea of turning my passion for animal care into an actual business and career.

After learning the “ins and outs” of small business and getting to know the clientele of P&D on such a personal level, my pet sitting business took off! Now, I am thrilled to say that I have some of the absolute best clients in the world (both the furry ones and their parents), I am living out my dream, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I couldn’t thank each and everyone one of you enough who have trusted me with your finned, feathered and fur babies. I hope to continue to provide superior pet care to this wonderful community for many years to come and look forward to meeting so many more wonderful people and pets in the process.

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Meet Michael Wendel
Manager & Pet Professional


Hi! My name is Michael Wendel and I am a diehard pet lover. I’ve had cats and dogs as pets since I was 9 years old. I’ve worked on local farms here in Northeast Pennsylvania with various animals including horses, chickens, goats, and pigs. I’ve also done volunteer work at the local SPCA in Wilkes-Barre. With over 20 years of experience working with animals, I have learned to love them all as if they were my own and I look forward to meeting and loving your pets just the same.

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Meet Emma Lizza
Manager & Pet Professional

Hi, I’m Emma! I have grown up around many types of animals to the point where my house was called a “zoo” by many friends. I have an absolute LOVE for all animals and I am super passionate about pets and making sure they are living their best lives! I currently have my own furbaby, a Pekingese mix named Lucy and I will do everything in my power to make sure she is happy, safe, healthy, and loved. This dedication extends to ALL pets and I sincerely believe that they deserve only the BEST. My career is with ParaMount Pet Care and am here to not only take care of your pets, but am also the Client Care Manager here to help with scheduling and client onboarding. I am bilingual in Spanish and ready to help ParaMount Pet Care to extend their reach to Spanish speaking clients with English as a second language! 

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Meet Amber

Hi! My name is Amber Derr. I’m born and raised in NEPA and am currently living in Shavertown. I’ve been around animals all my life. I grew up in a family that has owned almost every kind of animal. From those with scales to fins and feathers to fur, I’ve loved them all. I currently have a cat named Maisy AKA “The Squick” and “Inspector Squick”. Her “meow” is more of a little “squick” and she’s always finding a way to get in the mix! I have always loved animals and can rarely pass a dog when out on a walk without asking the owner if I can pet them! I look forward to sharing my love of animals and working with you and your pet(s)! I promise to give them the love and attention they deserve!

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Meet Kathy

I’m Kathy Maranchick. I have had quite the menagerie over my lifetime.  When I was growing up on Long Island we had cats, dogs, racoons, a chicken, and even a squirrel—not all at once, but over many years. Most were brought home by my father from his job in NYC.  He would find them, or I should say, they found him, and they would immediately become part of the family.  I am inherently an animal lover, and nothing will ever change that. My family currently consists of me and my husband Rich; Daizee, a Lab and Basset Hound mix, Leon, an Orange tabby, and our newest and most independent kitty is Licorice. Over the years I have learned that animals are intuitive. Whether it’s protecting you from physical harm, keeping an eye on you when you’re sick, or simply curling up next to you and putting their head in your lap when you’re sad, animals will always have your back no matter what.  When I joined the Navy, I took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, but now I am excited to take an oath to protect, unconditionally love like my own, defend from harm, and care for your furry/not so furry/reptilian/feathered family.

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Meet Tammy

My name is Tammy and I am a noted scientist in the field of gut health and fermented foods. My goal is to make a difference in people’s lives and for them to feel their best, as well as being a supportive mentor and a passionate wellness authority through the food we eat. I continue to spread this enthusiasm for health and wellness through my business, Fermented Delights and More!

My passion has always extended to the holistic health and wellness of our fur babies as they too reflect their human families. I have had many canine and feline “children” throughout my life. I shared a special bond with each one of them from day one of adoption to crossing over to the rainbow bridge. I am very passionate about exercise especially in nature, as sniffing in “mother earth” keeps out fur babies grounded and mentally stimulated. I have experience in various aspects of pet care from massage therapy to acupressure, and most importantly proper nutrition for optimal gut health. While you are away you can be assured that I will care for your fur babies as one of my own!


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Meet Carol

Hi! I’m Carol! My family thinks I am silly because I take spiders outside, and if I can catch a fly, I will take it outside too! This will tell you that I love “All Creatures Great and Small” ! My careers have included raising my two animal-loving daughters, creating portrait and natural landscape photography, caregiving for elderly adults and adults with disabilities, dog-walking abused rottweilers, and providing dog care for a multitude of doggie friends. Pictured with me is my fur baby Luiza; a rescued Corgi/Dachshund/Rat Terrier mix who loves swimming, hiking, fetching, and cuddling. You can be assured that when I am with your family members my love for animals will spill into your home with belly rubs, walks, frisbee-throwing, cuddling and more. I look forward to meeting you and especially giving you peace of mind when you leave your family pets in my care!

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Meet Becky

Hi! I’m Becky! I’ve always loved animals. Although I knew it was my purpose to work in animal care, I was indecisive on whether the veterinary field was right for me. This led me to major in one of my other passions, psychology. During this time, I gained experience in kennel and sanctuary work, learning the needs of different species all while having fun witnessing each individual’s quirky personalities blossom! After Heidi, my sweet dog and best friend of 11 years had passed, I decided to give veterinary work a try. Now being certain that it’s not my true calling, my passion is here, caring for your beloveds! As I do with my four cats, I will give your pets outstanding care and enrichment! I look forward to meeting you!

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Meet Blair

My name is Blair, and I can’t wait to to be “furriends” with you! Thanks to my amazing family I grew up (and still live) near Sweet Valley and had a menagerie of pets. From your basic cats, dogs, and rabbits, to ponies, goats, and feathered friends. I owe my passion for animals to my grandfather and my supportive family who said “yes” when I asked to raise a Seeing Eye Dog for my High School graduation project. In 2008 I graduated from Delaware Valley University with a degree in Animal Biodiversity & Conservation, with a concentration in the area of Animal Behavior, Training, and Enrichment. There I got to work hands-on with horses, rats, cows, and even Llamas. I spent 2 amazing summers working at the former Nay Aug Park Wildlife Center in Scranton, learning from exotic animals like big cats, parrots, lemurs, and monkeys. My family continued to raise Guide Dogs for 10+ years, and once we stopped I brought home my dream dog, my heart, my husky, Athos. At 7 years old, Athos is my son, and he looks forward to his therapy visits at Family Court and the AVP airport. I’ve spent a few years working at local kennels, which has allowed me to learn the quirks of a variety of breeds and personalities. I’m honored to be a member of the ParaMount Pet Care team, and look forward to building relationships around the Back Mountain community with you and your pets.

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Meet Candice

 Hi I’m Candice, an eighteen year elementary school paraprofessional who has worked in the 1st grade classroom for the past five years. My loves are working with kids and pets. Life has blessed me with a wonderful husband and this summer we will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary! We have two beautiful daughters and in 2021 welcomed our first grandchild! Braelynn is just the sweetest little girl and we are absolutely in love! Lola is our rescue husky and has been with our family for the past six years. We all love Lola but no one as much as Braelynn! Those two have a special bond that is just so awesome to witness. When looking for a flexible part time job, I started searching ‘jobs with animals’ because that is what I like! Could I be so fortunate to have, not one, but two careers in fields that I am so passionate about? Thank goodness ParaMount Pet Care picked me! This job allows me to be around different types of pets, to hang out with them, and go for walks. ALL great things! You can be certain that I will go above and beyond, as that is my style in life and with animals and people. I am so looking forward to meeting you and your fur family!

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Meet Michele

My name is Michele and I grew up in the Camp Hill, PA area with my family.  When I was growing up we always adopted dogs and cats that needed a home.  I have lived in Hazleton, PA since I graduated from Bloomsburg University with a business management degree. I spent over the last 20 years working in Human Resources and raising my daughter who has now graduated from college and out on her own. My husband and I currently have two rescue dogs we adopted into our family.  Bo is a black lab mix we have had since he was 1 ½ years old and he will be 10 years old this year.  Sandy, our yellow lab, joined our family almost 2 years ago and will be 6 years old this year.  I enjoy taking my pets for walks and caring for them.  I would be happy to do the same for your four- legged members of your family.  I look forward to meeting you and your pets.

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Meet Katie

My name is Katie and I’m so excited to meet you and your pets! I have a golden retriever named Journey that I completely spoil, and enjoy socializing her with other people and pets as she is still young and active. I have spent several years living in Florida where I had worked part time for another pet sitting and dog walking company similar to this one and I absolutely loved it! I was excited to find something similar when I moved back home to PA and know how to take my work with pets seriously but also have a ton of fun getting to meet new pets and their pawrents as well! I will treat your pets as if they were my own because that’s the level of care I would want someone to have with my dog. Thank you for trusting me with their care! I look forward to meeting you!

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Meet Stacey

Hi! I’m Stacey. I was born and raised in Northeastern Pennsylvania, and I currently live in Mountain Top with my husband, two teenaged children, and our beloved shepherd-mix, Romeo. I have loved pets from the time I was old enough to beg my family to adopt my childhood companion of 15 years, a  lhasa poo named Muffin. I am continually amazed by the ways in which animals enrich our lives, and I believe they deserve our gratitude, compassion and plenty of fun nicknames in return. I can’t wait to get to know you and your pet family members. 

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Meet Jamie

Hi!  My name is Jamie Wanko. I was born and raised here in Northeast PA and currently live in West Pittston with my husband, son, and rescue pup Rosie. I was a Dental Hygienist for 25 years before retiring in 2020. I now have the time to do something I have always wanted to do and that is taking care of special fur babies. I can’t wait to start sharing my love for all creatures, big and small!

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Meet Sabrea

Hi! My name is Sabrea and I am from Sugar Notch, Pennsylvania. Growing up, my pets became less like pets and more like brothers and sisters! I have a love for all animals, and recently just rescued my cat, Stevie. I am very experienced with animals, from dogs to turtles to glofish. I understand that each animal has their own personality, and their own set of needs and I am so excited to learn about them!

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Meet Lisa

Hi! My name is Lisa Kocher. I am a substitute teacher in the Dallas School District. I was raised in Northeast PA and live in Dallas with my husband and two rescue dogs Georgia and Bodhi. I have two children. My daughter is currently attending college and my son is a recent college graduate. I have had a love of all animals since I was a child and pets have always been a part of my life. I get so much joy caring for my own two pups and can’t wait to share my love for your pets too. I look forward to meeting you!

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Meet Jill

Hi! My name is Jill and I was born and raised in Northeast Pa. Ive lived in Forty Fort for the last 23 years with my family , which include our 3 fur babies Elliot my doodle , and our two cats Nico and Gracie all of which are rescues along with our 6 Koi fish. I’ve always had a love for animals and have had numerous pets my whole life, including parakeets , turtles , hamsters, bunnies , hermit crabs…. you name it . They bring be such joy and peace , and if it were possible I would adopt every single one . I can’t wait to share my love of animals with your pets and I look forward to meeting you all !

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Meet Ruth

Hi my name is Ruth and I love animals! I have a cat named Zuko, fish, and a turtle! My experience in animal care includes working at PetSmart for many years where I was cross trained in multiple departments including the Pet Care and Grooming departments. I have also spent time working in a local kennel so I know what it’s like to be around pets who may be stressed or nervous while their parents are away. I can’t wait to meet your furry friends!

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Meet Connie

Hello, my name is Connie and I live in Ashley, PA. I can’t wait to meet your beloved pets and care for them. Animals are my passion and I grew up helping out family and friends with pet sitting and dog walks my entire life. My current fur family consists of two rescue Yorkie-Chihuahuas, Mister Nibbles and Princess Muffin. They only get the best in life. I have a special place in my heart for senior animals, and hope to foster some soon. I have experience with all types of pets, including those with special needs and those on medication. Due to my work from home job I now have the opportunity to spread more love to more animals, and look forward to meeting you and your fur family.