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Wyoming Valley PA Pet Sitting Services

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never had a pet sitter come to the house before, what do you do/how does this work?

We offer a variety of services to choose from listed on the “Services Page” and can be available to do whatever is requested to care for your pets and home while you are gone. The service you choose depends on the needs of your animal. The most popular time windows are the 15 minute and half hour check ins/walks. We always schedule a meet and greet with your pets first to make sure that you and your pets get to know your sitter and that your pets are comfortable with them entering your home.

How does the “Meet and Greet” session work?

This is a in-home meeting where your sitter(s) come to your home several weeks prior to you going away. The pet sitter is on your time so it can last as long as you need it to. Typically they run anywhere from 15 mins to 45 mins. We also ask that you respect their time and to try to not push it past 1 hour. Your sitter will spend this time with you and your pets to make sure everyone is comfortable (you, the sitter, your pets). During this session, you can go over anything necessary to inform your sitter of your pets’ usual routines and where you keep their food/litter boxes/water dishes/treats/poop bags etc. You can go over the procedure for potty breaks and walks and any special needs your pet may have. You should tell the sitter where you will hide the key. You may also use lockboxes or garage door codes and front door codes. We do not keep keys on file. If you choose to do an entry code, make sure you have a backup key hidden on your property in case the power goes out. The sitter will test the key before the end of the meet and greet to make sure it works.

Do you have a back-up sitter in case something comes up?

We have a whole team of sitters! If your assigned sitter should fall extremely ill or have an emergency they are instructed to inform the owner (Laura) and then she will assign another sitter close by to take over the job seamlessly! It is important to always make sure your profile is up to date with your pet’s latest info to accommodate this seamless transition. It is also a good idea to have a trusted neighbor available in the highly unlikely event of a snowpocalypse or serious catastrophic event where all roads are shut down and no one can get to your house (but again-HIGHLY unlikely). You can never be too prepared!

Are you available in short notice?

ParaMount Pet Care is run on a first-come, first-served basis. Many times, we are available in short notice especially for day visits as opposed to vacation visits. We will try to accommodate the best we can and will let you know if we can offer partial services to help you out. Many clients let us know months and sometimes up to a year in advance of their travel plans. I know this may not be possible for many of you. You can always ask!

How late can I cancel if I’m no longer in need of your services?

For traveling clients, we require at least 3 days notice of cancellation prior to your start date/time of service, otherwise we will bill you for 50% of your total invoice. For holiday travel (major holidays or minor), we require 10 days notice of your cancellation or the same 50% fee will apply. Our routine (mid day walking) clients get the BEST cancelation policy we offer and have the freedom to cancel by 9am on the date of their routinely scheduled walk or visit. 

Will you give updates/send photos?

Absolutely! We use an app called Time To Pet to communicate with you and will send an update with pictures after every visit. The app is free to download and runs off of WiFi so if you’re traveling overseas, you won’t get hit with roaming charges.

What happens during inclement weather?

A requirement to be on the team is that our sitters have a reliable vehicle and are comfortable driving in the snow. They also typically live within 5 miles of your home (we don’t like to send them any further than that). They are expected to make it to your visits rain/shine/sleet/snow/hail to take care of the fur children you left behind. As stated in a previously answered FAQ, if there is a serious catastrophic event or so much snow that the roads are shut down, it may take several hours before someone can get to your home safely. If this highly unlikely event should occur, it never hurts to have a trusted neighbor on standby that knows where your key is. Bottom line-we make EVERY effort to be there, no matter what!

What animals do you care for?

Anything you have! We have no limitations. If specific training or accommodations are required, just let us know and we would be happy to learn. The most common pets we have cared for include dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs, leopard geckos and chickens. 

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