Pet Care Core Services

Paramount Pet Care will exclusively service the following areas: Mountain Top, Wilkes-Barre Area, Hanover Area, Wyoming Valley West, Greater Nanticoke Area, Wyoming Area and Dallas.

The PARAMOUNT Difference: ParaMount Pet Care has pride in not only the quality of care provided but the transparency for pet parents during our visits. Peace of mind is essential for anyone trying to spend some time away. By taking pictures of your happy pets and sending them straight to you, you can have a sense of relief that your pet is in good hands. Rest assured that ParaMount Pet Care will always have the best interest of your furry family members in mind by keeping you up to date on any changes in behavior or overall well being. Choose us over a kennel if you want your pet in the comfort of their own home with plenty of love, time to play and the best quality care around! 

Wyoming Valley Pet Watching Services

Our Core Services
(Costs include up to 4 pets, additional pets are $3/pet/visit)

First Time Registration Meeting -$20

This is the “Meet & Greet” that we require for all first time clients. As a new client, this is the opportunity for you to meet with your sitter or sitters to make sure everyone is comfortable. The sitter(s) will come to your home and get familiar with you, your pets and the layout of the home. You can go over any of your pet(s) routines, show your sitters the locations of their supplies and get to know one another. This is a great time to go over any additional questions or concerns you may have. 

15 Minute Cat & Small animal Visit - $20

This service is the perfect amount of time if you have a few cats, small animals, birds and reptiles. This will allow enough time for scooping the litter box, a cage or terrarium spot clean, and food and water check with a little love, attention and stimulation for your tiny critters.

30 Minute Visit - $27

The best service for dogs that need to get out and stretch their legs. You can utilize this time frame exclusively for a 30 minute walk, visit or combination of the two. This would be ideal for pet parents who have multiple pets, allowing ample time for litter box cleaning, feeding, water change, medications and extra affection and playtime.

60 Minute Visit - $42

This is commonly used for puppies, seniors or animals that need extra attention and time. It is great for multi-pet homes and pets that have special needs. You’ll find you get the most value for this visit with time for feeding, water change, full walk or yard play and medicine administration.

Overnight Stay - $80

This is a 10 hour total service where a sitter would stay in your home with your pet(s) overnight.  The typical time frame for your sitter to arrive would be between 9:00pm & 10:00pm. Upon arrival, there would allow time for a final potty break and a little play before bed time. Upon waking up, 1 hour in the morning will be allotted with your pets for their morning routine. This type of service will allow for ample play, potty breaks, light walking, litter box changes, and anything extra you may need to care for your home while you’re away such as the services listed in “house check.” This type of service is good for pet parents who are on an extended stay and would prefer not to board their pets or leave their pets home alone overnight. You may schedule any additional visits you would like if extra potty breaks/care are needed beyond what is offered with this service.

Dog Walking & Other Package Deals

Frequent Walker Package: Do you need a routine daily dog walking services? This package is for you! Save money with special pricing on weekly 30 minute walks when you use this service for a minimum of 2 walks per week for 4 consecutive weeks or more. In order to be eligible for the discount, cards will be charged at the beginning of the month for the entire upcoming month. Should you need to cancel, you may do so up until 9am on the day of your scheduled service and the full payment for the walk will be put back on your account as credit. 2-4 walks per week: $24/walk,  5+ walks per week: $23/walk. You may substitute a walk for a visit instead. Duration of walk/visit is 30 minutes. 

 Semi-Frequent Discount: Do you need to arrange several walks per month but your work schedule is a little less consistent? We have created a special package just for this type of need! As long as you use our dog walking service at minimum of 1 time every week (4 times per month), your half hour walk will be $25 every time! This means, we will not charge your card up front for the month, but instead you have the flexibility to schedule week by week and your card will be charged on Monday for that particular week. You may substitute a walk for a visit instead and the same cancellation policy as the Frequent Walker Package applies. Duration of walk/visit is 30 minutes. 

Vacation Package: Going on an extended stay over 7 days? Try out this discounted vacation package on 30 minute and hour visits for your pets! Must schedule at least 2 visits per day and be gone for more than 7 full days to qualify for this package. 30 minute visits will go down to $25 each and 1 hour visits go down to $40 each. This is a minimum savings of $30 off your invoice!

Scooper Package: Have us come by once per week to clean up your yard for you! Count on us for your weekly waste removal needs to save money and make sure your yard is spotless and ready for mowing and worry-free outdoor fun! Price for Service: $25

House Check - $20

If you don’t have a pet but need someone to look after your home, this service would include things like bringing in the mail, rotating the blinds, taking out the trash, watering plants etc. This service is included in the price of any of the listed pet check ins/ overnight stay.

Major Holidays

We will always be here to provide care for your pets 24/7, including all weekends and holidays! Major holidays will incur an additional fee for that day. These include: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day and Easter. Price for Service: $10 additional per visit.

Minor Holidays

We also observe the following minor holidays at ParaMount Pet Care, but we will gladly offer our services for a small additional fee for the day: Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day. Price: $5 additional per visit.

Additional Pets

Our services are priced to include up to 4 pets. Do you have more than 4? No problem! With an additional charge of $3 per pet per visit, we can accommodate any and all pets you have. 


If you have a dog or cat with special needs that require a subcutaneous injection of medications, we can certainly provide this care as an addition to your visits. Any other form of medicine administration is no additional charge. Price $8.

After Hours

Pet sitting visits and walks may be scheduled between the hours of 7:00am and 9:30pm We would be happy to schedule visits for you outside these hours for an additional cost. Price: $10 additional per visit.

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