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5 Dog Products We Can’t Live Without


Discussing Some Of Our Favorite Dog Products On The Market Today

There are so many dog products on the market today, it can be a little overwhelming. Some of them are unnecessary or ineffective, but some of them are exceptionally convenient. The purpose of this article is to exemplify the most useful and game-changing dog products on the market today that have made being a dog owner so much easier and more convenient. 

Dog Leash & Collars

One of the most important and useful dog products on the market today is the classic dog leash and dog collar. As a dog owner, it’s paramount to keep our dogs safe and well supervised. The best way to control and monitor a dog is to have them on a leash and collar. This is especially true when it comes to taking your dog on a walk or to a public place. 


If you’re taking your dog practically anywhere besides the backyard, then you will most likely need a leash. Most public places that allow dogs require them to be on a leash. This is because a dog leash gives the owner control of the dog’s freedom of movement. This is important so the dog doesn’t run away, jump on someone, or get into something they shouldn’t be eating or playing with. For a more comprehensive guide on dog leashes, check out PreventiveVet.com


Dog collars are essential as you need something to attach a dog leash to. They also allow you to attach dog tags to them which provide vital information such as the dog’s name, your home address, your phone number, and vaccination info. Dog collars come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and colors making them customizable to your dog’s needs. For more information regarding dog collars, check out The Humane Society website

Pet Cameras

One of the most innovative and convenient pieces of technology to recently hit the doggy loving world is pet cameras. Pet cameras are small, easy-to-use, stationary cameras that allow you to monitor your pets at home when you’re not home. They connect to your smartphone and display images and sounds in real time. This offers dog owners peace of mind knowing that their furry friend is safe and not getting into trouble while nobody else is home. 

Dog Treats

Sometimes the classic products are the most effective products. Dog treats have been a staple in dog ownership since the early days of dog domestication. To this day, they continue to be a very useful and effective form of reward for dogs. They are often used in obedience training and as a little way of spoiling your furry friend. For a more in-depth look at dog treats, check out our previous article entitled Dog Treats 101

Interactive Dog Toys

Dog toys alone are great, but interactive dog toys are a complete game-changer. Interactive dog toys refers to any dog toy that a dog can play with and be entertained with by themselves. Examples include Kongs (that can be filled with treats/peanut butter), dog puzzles (also filled with treats as rewards), and edible chews (water buffalo horns, antlers, collagen sticks, and beef cheek rolls). Full disclosure, we still recommend supervising your dog when giving them any of these toys to play with or chew on.

Poop Bags

Last, but not least, is the ground-breaking innovation that is the disposable doggy poop bag. When it comes to dog poop, the responsible thing to do is pick it up. Leaving dog poop around is both unsanitary and rude. But, nobody wants to physically touch dog poop either. That’s where disposable doggy poop bags come in handy. They come in rolls, are very durable, and allow you to pick up your dog’s poop without getting your hands dirty. We highly recommend the Earth Rated as they are biodegradable and eco-friendly.