Animal Rights Awareness Week


Covering Everything You Need To Know About Animal Rights And The Week-Long Holiday That Celebrates Them

Animals don’t have a voice. Which is why it’s so important that we, animal lovers, speak up for them. That is why Animal Rights Awareness Week (3rd week of June) was created. To help promote and educate people about the importance of humane treatment of animals. As humans, we coexist with animals on this planet. However, many people across the world exploit animals and use them for personal gain or profit. This article will explain the importance of this week-long holiday, how & where animals are being mistreated, and how you can get involved. 

When To Celebrate

Animal Rights Awareness Week takes place during the 3rd week of June. At the time of writing this article, it will be from June 19th to June 25th, 2023. This holiday is celebrated by animal lovers all over the world as a chance to remind people about the importance of animal rights. While every day is a great day to actively celebrate animal rights, this week in particular is an opportunity to learn, educate, and appreciate animals and how they should be treated. 

The History

This very impactful and important holiday was originally created in 1991 by the Defense Of Animals Organization. The purpose of the holiday is threefold. One goal is to honor all of the animals that have been killed and/or exploited by humans. The second goal is to raise public awareness about the animals that are still being killed and exploited by humans today. Lastly, the third goal of this holiday is to put an end to any and all inhumane treatment of animals everywhere. 

The Significance 

This is a very important holiday for animals and animal lovers everywhere. Animal rights are important and can only be implemented and upheld by people who truly care for animals. It’s easy to forget or take for granted animal rights, especially if you’re not exposed to it on a regular basis. This week-long holiday serves as a reminder to people everywhere about the importance of animal rights and how we should be treating animals today. 

Examples Of Animal Abuse

Throughout human history, there have been many instances of animal abuse. From animal baiting, to trophy hunting, and pitting animals to fight each other for sport and gambling. However, animal rights have come a long way over the past few decades. There is more support for animal rights today than there has ever been in human history. Sadly, there are still many instances of animal cruelty and mistreatments happening today in 2023. Here are a few examples of modern day animal abuse that we are still fighting to put an end to.

Puppy Mills:

Both puppy mills and kitten mills have become an ever growing problem amongst the pet community. Generally speaking, puppy & kitten mills are commercial breeding facilities that focus on quick breeding and usually have poor living conditions. They are notorious for being unsanitary, not providing enough space, and leaving the animals malnourished. For a more in depth look into the world of puppy & kitten mills, check out our previous article entitled The Truth About Puppy Mills

Factory Farming:

The Humane League defines factory farming as an intensive form of agriculture that is designed to maximize profits while using as few resources as possible. Factory farming often uses inhumane methods to house, raise, and process livestock. Large amounts of livestock confined to small spaces that never get to be outside or live freely. Chickens being debeaked, pigs being tail-docked, and cows being injected with hormones to produce more meat. These are all tragic occurrences that happen on factory farms everyday. 

Pet Abuse:

While puppy/kitten mills and factory farming is animal abuse on a commercial scale, at home animal abuse is still a major problem too. There are still occurrences of dogs and cats being beaten, malnourished, and mistreated today. It’s hard to believe this kind of mistreatment of pets would still be happening here in 2023, but sadly it happens everyday. 

How You Can Help

You can get involved with Animal Rights Awareness Week and help put an end to animal abuse and mistreatment. When buying health & wellness products, be sure to buy the cruelty free versions as these products don’t involve animal testing. When buying clothing, avoid buying any type of animal furs and stick with the synthetic materials instead. Lastly, spread the word about this important and impactful week-long holiday. Mentioning this holiday and this article on social media will help educate and remind people about the importance of animal rights.