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Apple AirTags And Pets


What Are Apple AirTags And How They Can Benefit Your Pet

You may have heard of Apple AirTags, but you may not fully understand what they can do. More surprisingly, what they can do for your pets. This article will take an in-depth view of the Apple product known as AirTags. We will cover what they are, what they do, and how they can benefit you and your pets.

What Is An Apple AirTag?

First released in April of 2021, the Apple AirTag is one of Apple’s newest and most innovative products on the market. Apple AirTags are essentially Bluetooth trackers that are built to help you keep track of your valuables and/or frequently lost items. They are roughly the size of a U.S. quarter and can be attached to virtually any hard surface. They are easy to use. You simply sync your smartphone to the AirTag via Bluetooth and you’re done! By using the Find My app, you can locate the exact location of the AirTag and whatever you attached it to. It is very similar to other Bluetooth tracking products like the Tile

What Are Apple AirTags Used For?

As you may have guessed, the main purpose of the Apple Airtag is to help you locate any items or possessions that you frequently lose. Thanks to the relatively small size of the AirTag, it can be attached to nearly any object. Frequently lost items such as a wallet, purse, keys, luggage, and cell phone can all be recovered with Apple AirTags. AirTags can also help you find your missing items if they are close by. By using the Find My app, you can make the AirTags start emitting a beeping noise that will help lead you to your lost items. If you’re someone that loses stuff all of the time, then Apple AirTags may be a worthwhile investment. 

How Can This Product Benefit Your Pet?

So how can a Bluetooth tracker like Apple AirTags benefit your pets? Surprisingly enough, AirTags can help you locate your pets should they ever become lost or stolen. As previously mentioned, AirTags are only the size of a quarter and can be applied to nearly any flat surface. By attaching an AirTag to your pet’s collar, you can keep track of and locate your pet’s location from your smartphone. Any pet owner’s worst nightmare is having their pet runaway or being unable to find them. But thanks to the Apple AirTag, you will never have to fear losing your pet again. 

Keeping Your Pets Safe

Every pet owner simply wants to keep their pets happy, healthy, and safe. Unfortunately, some pets have a tendency to get themselves into trouble or into bad situations. This is especially true when their owners aren’t looking or in the same room. Apple AirTags were originally designed to keep your possessions safe. But, they have become another valuable and potentially life-saving asset to nearly any pet owner. If you’re concerned about your pet escaping or running away, then we recommend you try using this product. We also recommend having your pet microchipped to help better identify them should they go missing. To learn more about microchipping your pets, check out our previous article Chip Your Pet Month. We hope this article helped educate you about Apple AirTags and how they could help you and your pets should they ever go missing.