April Fools Day For Pets


Because Nothing Says Love Like Pranks And Hijinks 

I know what you’re thinking, based on the title this must be a joke. But we’re not joking! At least not yet. April 1st is nearly here which means it’s time to start planning your pranks and tricks for the infamous April Fools Day! And the best way to celebrate this holiday of gags and mischiefness is with your furry best friend. What does April Fools Day and your pet have in common? Keep reading to learn more.

It’s Just A Joke

It’s true that your dog, cat, bird, or other pet doesn’t understand calendars or even holidays for that matter, but that’s no reason to exclude them from all the fun. April Fools Day is a wonderful holiday that’s sure to make anyone laugh both at their own expense and that of others. Now we are in no way suggesting doing something cruel to your pet, but rather partaking in some good light-hearted fun. Odds are most pets (especially most dogs) can handle a harmless prank. But, if you feel that your pet is a little too sensitive for such shenanigans, then don’t even bother. You know your pet and their personality better than anyone, so take this into consideration before planning your pranks this April Fools Day. To learn more about understanding your dog and their unique personalities, check out our blog entitled The Language Of Your Dog. Also don’t make the pranks and jokes a routine thing, but rather keep it to just the holiday. Pranking with your pet regularly can be seen as  inconsistent behavior can lead to your pet mistrusting you. Keep it simple, keep it safe, and keep it to one day. Remember, it’s all in good fun and it’s only for one day of the year.

Types Of Pet Pranks

Although you can realistically pull a prank on any type of pet, we’re going to mainly focus on pranking dogs as they are typically easier to prank and more forgiving than most other pets. Most dogs are very easy to pull pranks on once you understand their personality and what they’re afraid of (A.K.A. what makes them tick). A great prank to pull on your dog is called the “Tennis Ball-Waterfall” prank. This prank works best on dogs that are ball crazy and the premise is simple. Prank your dog to retrieve as many balls as possible. Buy a large pack of balls, 50 or more, and start by throwing one in the yard for your dog. Then, throw a second. Then, a third. Finally, when they least expect it, drop as many balls as you can into the yard and watch the chaos ensue. They will be overcome with both joy and confusion trying to catch/play with every ball at once. Dropping the balls from your roof or second story window really helps add that dramatic effect and they usually never see it coming. Another dog prank we will be sharing today is called the “What The Fluff” challenge that is currently going viral on social media. Start by standing in a doorway or hallway entrance with your dog in the room. You simply hold up a blanket in front of you, poke your head over the top so your dog knows you’re there, lift the blanket up (completely covering you now), and run away before the blanket falls. Your dog will be bewildered by your sudden disappearance. Be sure to have someone get your dog’s reaction on video and don’t leave them wondering where you went for too long. These are just a few examples of silly, but harmless pranks you can pull on your dog this April Fools Day. Get creative and have fun! 

Pet Owner Pranks

April Fools Day applies to both pets and people. If you’re a pet lover, then odds are you know other pet lovers who can appreciate some good hearted pet humor. Be sure to pull some pranks on your fellow pet owners and lovers this year too. The American Kennel Club has some hilarious fake pet products that are sure to make any pet lover laugh. Check out that article here to see the silly and almost realistic fake pet product ideas including Invisible Canine Aligners by Smile Direct Club or Pizza Hut Delivery Dogs. You might be surprised who you know might fall for such jokes. While all of these jokes are in good fun, be considerate as to who you send these jokes/pranks to as not everyone has a big funny bone.

The Punchline

Not everyone takes April Fools Day very seriously and that’s kind of the point. The point is to have fun and get a good laugh both at others expense and your own. Remember, don’t dish out what you can’t take in yourself. Get your family, friends, and pets involved in April Fools Day this year by pulling some hilarious, yet harmless pranks on them when they least expect it. We hope this helped give you some ideas on the different types of pranks you can pull on your pets and fellow pet lovers this April 1st. Get creative, use your imagination, and have fun this April Fools Day.