Best New Tech For Cats


Covering Some Of Our Personal Favorite Technological Advances For Cats

When it comes to cat products, there are seemingly endless options on the market today. However, not all of them are as useful or effective as they claim to be. That’s where ParaMount Pet Care has you covered! This article will discuss some of our personal favorite gadgets and gizmos for cats and why we love them so much. To keep it reasonably short, we will be going over 5 different tech products that are a game-changer for both you and your cat. 

Self Cleaning Litter Box

One of the most revolutionary technological advances for cats is the self cleaning litter box. All cats need a litter box to go pee and poop in. This ultimately means you, the cat owner, is responsible for cleaning said litter box. But not anymore! Now your cat’s litter box can clean itself! While design and functionality vary between brands, they all aim to do the same thing. Make your life easier! 

These self cleaning litter boxes have motion & weight sensors to determine when your cat has gone potty and when they are no longer in the litter box. Once your cat has safely exited the litter box, the litter box will sift the poop and pee clumps from the litter into a bottom compartment. The bottom compartment stores all of the cat waste, is air tight to trap in the foul odors, and can be emptied at your leisure. It has truly made cat waste removal/cleanup easy and convenient. 

Water Fountain

While we’re on the topic of automated devices, the next revolutionary piece of cat technology is the cat water fountain. This small and exceptionally convenient device provides your cat with continuously running water on a constant basis. It’s convenient and easy to use. Simply fill the bottom compartment with water, attach the lid, plug it into an electrical outlet, and you’re done! Many of these fountains also come with replaceable charcoal filters as well.

According to, cats are more inclined to drink from a water fountain as opposed to a bowl of standing water. This is because drinking from flowing water feels more natural to them. The flowing water coming from the fountain resembles that of a flowing stream or babbling brook. Some experts also believe that drinking from a bowl is disconcerting for cats because their whiskers brush up against the edges of the bowl when they lean down to drink. If your cat doesn’t drink enough water, then consider investing in a cat water fountain. 

Automatic Feeder

Speaking of convenience, our next technological advancement for cats is the automated feeder. As the name implies, this device houses and dispenses your cat’s food even when you’re not around. They come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and with different options. Many are based on timers while some can connect to your smartphone and you can dispense food from the app on your phone. 

These are exceptionally useful for cat owners that are not home for long periods of time. Because they can be set to dispense food at specific times, they are very good at getting your cat on a feeding schedule and/or routine. However, it’s worth noting that some of these feeders don’t have a very secure top to where the food is stored. Some cats have been known to knock these feeders over or pop the tops off entirely. If you have a particularly clever feline, then be careful when buying an automatic feeder.  

GPS Tracker

While convenience is great, safety is far more important. The idea of your cat becoming lost or running away is terrifying, but it is a possibility. You should always have a backup plan in place for when your cat goes missing. Thankfully there are GPS (global positioning satellite) trackers made specifically for cats. The product is a small square that is attached to your cat’s collar. The device can be synced up to your smartphone and give you a real time location of your cat at all times. These devices can be a little expensive, but are worth the piece of mind. 

Pet Camera

Have you ever wondered what your cat does when you’re not home? Well now you can find out thanks to the invention of the pet camera. While this device is useful for all pets, it is especially useful for the “helicopter cat parents” out there who are always worried about their fur kids. Pet cameras sync up to your smartphone and provide you with a live feed of wherever you positioned it in your home. Some pet cameras can even dispense treats or have a speaker built in so your pets can hear you speak over the phone. 

Helping Pet Owners

We hope you found this article informative and that you consider investing in some of the aforementioned products. While we are not sponsored or affiliated with any of the makers of these products, we do find them to be very useful and convenient for pet owners. These are just our opinions and we hope you consider looking into these products to make you and your pet’s lives easier.