Blue Chip Refuge Pet Of The Month

Blue Chip Pet Of The Month

This April We Are Featuring And Sponsoring Remington, A Boxer Mix Who Is Currently Up For Adoption

We are excited to announce a brand new venture for Paramount Pet Care called Blue Chip Dog of the Month. This monthly article will feature a very deserving pet at Blue Chip Farm (a no-kill animal shelter in Dallas, Pennsylvania). This month (April) the adoption fees are fully sponsored and covered by ParaMount Pet Care.


Meet Remington! He is a 4 year old boxer mix who has been at the shelter for the last 2 years.  Another dog at home was causing fights with him and sadly he was surrendered to Blue Chip Farm. Despite his previous situation, he is a very well behaved dog. Remington has a sleek black coat with white paws and chest. I have been working with him at Blue Chip since last August (2022) and he has made miles of progress since.


Remington can be a little fearful of meeting new people and should be introduced to new people slowly. But once he gets to know you, he is a goofy, playful, and happy dog. He is a very loving and affectionate soul and his tail is constantly wagging. Remington is also very motivated to work for food rewards and is always eager to please. Once he knows someone, he is their forever friend. 

More About Remington

As previously mentioned, I have been working with Remington at Blue Chip Farm for the past two years. During that time, I have helped Remington become more sociable, more obedient, and more cooperative when it comes to following commands. After consistent walking exercises, he has become much better now on a leash. I am confident he now has the social and behavioral skills to be the good boy he’s always wanted to be.

What Remington Needs

Remington needs to start over in his forever home with someone willing to give him patience, time, and love. He is the kind of dog that needs some structure in his life as well as regular exercise. Ideally, he would need a home with no cats or children. He is fine with most other dogs, but would not recommend him living with small breeds.

About The Author

My name is Louis Breakstone, mother of Laura Breakstone (owner of ParaMount Pet Care). Both myself and my family have been dedicated animal lovers and pet owners for many generations. After retiring from my full-time medical practice, I now continue to work part time at local walk-in medical clinics. Additionally, I have spent the last 3+ years as a volunteer at Blue Chip Farms. My favorite part about volunteering at Blue Chip Farm is being able to help socialize and train the wonderful dogs that they have.

Pro Training Tip 

To make the best use of your training time with your dog, it is best to use a “high value treat.” I personally like to use any leftover cooked chicken, cut up into small pieces (about 1/3 inch). I then put these chicken pieces in a Ziploc, pop it into the freezer, and grab it when I go to the shelter. These treats are great for positive reinforcement dog training and are an excellent alternative to processed training treats. You can also try using small pieces of cubed up cheese as well. 

Apply To Adopt

If you or someone you know is interested in adopting our buddy Remington, then click here to go to the adoption application on the Blue Chip Farm Animal Refuge website. ParaMount Pet Care will be featuring a different Blue Chip Farm pet every month, so be sure to check out our blog section regularly. These are good natured pets that deserve a good home and we are determined to find one for all of them!