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Chocolate Substitute Treats Your Dog Will Love


Giving Your Best Friend A Tasty & Safe Dessert

As February begins, every grocery store and gas station is advertising Valentine’s Day candy. More specifically, chocolate! While chocolate is delicious, it is also very toxic to dogs. Chocolate contains an alkaloid called Theobromine. Dogs can’t properly metabolize Theobromine the way people can, thus making it poisonous to dogs. But don’t fret, ParaMount Pet Care has you covered. This article will discuss 5 chocolate substitutes that you can use to treat your dog this Valentines Day. 

The Main Ingredient: Carob

Carob is an excellent chocolate substitute as it provides a similar taste to its chocolate counterpart. The cocoa bean (where chocolate comes from) has a close relative known as the carob bean. Carob beans are native to the middle eastern and Mediterranean regions of the world, but can be grown elsewhere. Carob is processed in a similar manner as chocolate and they are both widely used in many baking recipes. However, carob doesn’t contain Theobromine or caffeine, making it safe for dogs to eat and digest. 

DIY Carob Treats

While carob is slightly more bitter than traditional chocolate, it is very similar in every other aspect. Thus, carob can be used in a wide variety of recipes that usually call for chocolate. When it comes to making dog treats, the possibilities are endless! Some popular types of homemade dog treats include carob cake, carob cookies, carob biscuits, and carob peanut butter cups. No matter what type of treat you make for your furry friend, be sure to offer them some variety. Above all else, remember that these are treats, not food. Dog treats should never replace your dog’s food. 

Premade Carob Treats

You can purchase carob-based dog treats from your local pet store or online. Most pet product websites carry carob-based dog treats including vendors like Amazon, Etsy, and Chewy. Before you buy these treats, be sure to check the nutrition label first. It’s important to know exactly what ingredients are in your dogs’ treats beforehand. It’s also important to acknowledge the calories that come with each treat as to properly manage your dog’s weight. For more information about dog treats and dog nutrition, check out our other article called Dog Treats 101

Don’t Forget The Fruit

As much as we all love the taste of chocolate, fruit can also be used to satisfy our sweet tooth. When making your D.I.Y. carob dog treats, be sure to incorporate some fruit as well. Some commonly used fruits in dog treats are blueberries, bananas, pumpkin, and strawberries. Fruit is naturally sweet and can be healthy for your dog in small doses. We all want to spoil our dogs and it’s important to give them some variety in their treats. They will surely appreciate it!

Sweet Tooth

Our furry friends love sweets just as much as we do. However, it’s important to ration how many treats/sweets our pets consume on a regular basis. Treats are meant to be a reward for good behavior or a token of love. We love to spoil our dogs, but we must also do what’s best for their health. When making/giving your dogs’ treats, do it in moderation. It’s ok to spoil your dog, but always keep their best interests in mind.