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Does My Dog Need A Dog?


Discussing If Your Best Friend Needs A Best Friend

Dogs are commonly known as “man’s best friend” as they make great companions and will love you unconditionally. However, most of us tend to lead busy lives and aren’t always around to give our dogs the attention and companionship they so desperately crave. That’s why many people often have two or more dogs so they can keep each other company when we’re not around. Dogs, like us, are very social creatures and having that constant stimulation is not only healthy, but essential to your dog’s well being. This article will discuss the topic of animal to animal companionship, whether or not your dog can befriend other pets (like cats), and how best to introduce your dog to another animal/pet. 

Animal To Animal Companionship

As previously mentioned, dogs are very social creatures. They need daily social interaction in order to stay happy and healthy. However, this doesn’t just apply to us humans interacting with them, but also applies to other animals interacting with them. Dogs have been known to befriend and bond with a wide variety of different types of species including cats, ducks, geese, monkeys, hedgehogs, foxes, turtles, and even elephants. Although we don’t suggest adopting an elephant to keep your dog company, we do believe that the typical dog can get along with nearly any other animal. The interactions and friendship of another animal can never replace the interactions and friendship of you. But, having another animal around to keep your dog company is a good way to keep them happy and preoccupied while you’re not around. 

Is Your Dog Lonely?

Every dog is unique and different in their own way as they all have different likes, dislikes, and temperaments. You know your dog better than anyone, so you have a fairly good idea of how they act and react to different people and situations. Some dogs love interacting with other dogs while some dogs tend to be very aggressive towards other dogs. Take the time to make a thorough and unbiased assessment of your dog and their temperament/personality before exposing them to another potential pet. Remember, this additional pet is for the benefit of your dog, not the benefit of you. If you notice your dog seems bored or lacks stimulation and overall gets along well with other dogs, then they might need a friend to keep them company while you’re not around. If you’re not sure how your dog will react to another pet in the house, check out our previous article entitled The Language Of Your Dog. While it may not give you a concrete answer regarding your dog’s opinion on the matter, it may help you better understand your dog and the messages they are trying to convey.

Best Way To Introduce Your Dog To A New Pet

Introducing a new pet into the household can be a tricky situation, but not impossible if you go about it the right way. Dogs can be very territorial and typically consider it their responsibility to guard the home from outsiders. Because of this, it’s a good idea to try and introduce your dog to a new pet outside of your home and even off your property. Having your current dog and new pet meet in a public place can help reduce the tension and put your current dog’s mind at ease knowing they don’t have to defend or protect their territory (a.k.a. your house). It’s also a good idea to take it slow and not make the introduction feel rushed or forced. First impressions are important and the first couple of interactions between your current pet and new pet will set the tone for their future relationship. Keep treats on hand and reward good, calm behavior between the two. It’s also a good idea to offer them both a “safe space” where they can be away from each other, but still near you or other family members. With the proper amount of patience, space, and treats, your current pets and new pets can learn to coexist making one big happy and furry family. To learn more about how to introduce a new dog into your household of other pets, check out the American Kennel Club for more information.