Dog Walking Safety Tips


How To Ensure That Your Dog’s Favorite Time Of Day Is The Best Experience Every Time

Dog waking: It’s simple. You throw the leash on your dog’s collar and start your journey. Hang on! It CAN be simple, but pet owners should make sure they adhere to the following safety tips in order to make this a good experience each time you go out for your walk. Take preventative measures in order to avoid issues such as losing your dog, heat exhaustion, burned paw pads, and not being seen at night. We also dive into some other safety tips that may not have crossed your mind because when it comes to the safety of your pet, we’ve got you covered!


Whether you choose a collar, harness, no slip collar, gentle leader or any no-pull solution, it is important to make sure that your pet has identification on them at all times. You can go into any pet store and have a tag (or multiple) personalized with important information so in the event that your dog escapes, they can be found and identified. You’re going to want to include your pet’s name and one or two phone numbers that you can be reached at. Although it’s not necessary, an address also helps just in case you can’t be reached. Including the address will also let the person who found your pet know how far away from home they traveled. Microchipping is also a great solution but even with the chip, your pet should always wear a tag so anyone can return your pet home. 

Seasonal Hazards

There are always things to be concerned about seasonally as well. In the winter, try to avoid walking your dog on the roads, especially right after snowfall in which the roads will be heavily salted. This can not only be damaging to your dog’s paws but harmful if ingested as well. Around your own sidewalks and driveway, choose ice melt over rock salt and more specifically pet safe ice melt which uses more natural ingredients and some may even be safe if ingested. In the summer, watch the pavement temperature. A good rule of thumb is to check to see if the outside temperature is under 75 degrees. If this is the case, you should be good to take your dog on a walk! Not sure? Double check the pavement temperature by testing with your own bare feet or hand. If it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for your pet! 

Early Morning & Night Time Gear

If you’re walking your dog at dawn, dusk or in the dark, be sure to have proper gear in order to be seen by cars and other motor vehicles. The last thing you want is to be on the road and get hit because you weren’t prepared with the right gear. These days, distracted driving is becoming an increasing problem between texting and the countless apps you can still use while driving. When walking during times of less daylight, reflective material is always a great option because it doesn’t require batteries. You can get reflective vests for yourself and your dog but they also make reflective collars, leashes, boots and jackets to be prepared year round. You can also try led light collars, tags and even leashes! Be sure to bring a flashlight too! To learn about some of the latest dog walking accessories and essentials, check out

Other Precautions

Below are some precautions to consider before going out for your daily walk.

  • Be aware of heat exhaustion and fatigue
  • Longer walks and hikes require hydration so bring plenty of water
  • Be in the know of peak flea and tick season and avoid wooded areas during these times
  • Pay attention to your dog’s body language when greeting other dogs and separate when necessary
  • Avoid areas of high traffic and rush hour when possible
  • Check the weather before you leave your house as getting caught in a thunderstorm is unpleasant
  • No texting and walking! It is important to remain aware of your surroundings but also to just simply enjoy your time with your dog. Keep your phone on you in case of emergencies though. 

Grab The Leash!

Dog walking can be a great bonding experience for you and your pet. Even hiring a dog walker can be a beneficial experience all around too! A dog walker can help provide good exercise, build social skills and reduce anxiety for both the pet and pet owner. Shoot us a message from our site if you’d like any info on how to get started with one of our dog walkers or if you have any questions at all! The world is a big and beautiful place and your dog deserves to see and experience it too. Don’t let your furry companion become a couch potato. Grab a leash and hit the streets! Just be sure that everyone is taking the necessary steps possible to keep your walks the safest experience possible!