Earth Day for Pets


How Pet Owners Can Make A Difference

Earth Day is nearly here! And with it comes the friendly reminder of the importance of “going green.” The planet we live on is often taken for granted and it’s vital to the planet’s overall health and longevity for everyone to do their part in keeping it clean and  healthy. Whether it’s recycling, not littering, picking up litter, lowering your carbon footprint, or donating your time to conservation projects, there are many ways that each of us can contribute to keeping Earth a beautiful place to live. But it’s not just people that can contribute, your pets have a role to play in Earth Day too! Keep reading to learn more.

Project K-9 Cleanup

The dedicated dog walkers of ParaMount Pet Care are very excited to take part in our new summer project called “K-9 Cleanup.” This is our latest conservation project designed to help us give back to the communities that we frequently walk dogs in. The concept is simple. Our dog walkers will be taking garbage bags and trash-grabbers with them during their routine dog walks and picking up any litter or trash they find along the way on designated days. Keep in mind the dogs we walk will always be the priority. However, this is our way of “killing two birds with one stone,” plus it will prevent the dogs from picking something up trash that they walk past. We love the pets we look after and the dogs we walk along with the communities we walk them in. We believe in giving back to the communities that we work in as a token of our gratitude and appreciation. While picking up trash and litter along a few roads and streets may not seem like a big deal, but every little bit counts and we hope our determination to help keep our neighborhoods clean will inspire you to do the same. If everyone contributes just a little, then we can impact the world in a big way. So next time you see trash or litter on the road, don’t be afraid to do your part and pick it up.  

How You And Your Dog Can Get Involved

As mentioned previously, every little bit counts. This includes simple things like recycling. Many dog and cat owners use some variation of wet food which is typically stored in tin cans or plastic containers. Even if you go through 1 can/plastic container of wet food a day for your pet, that’s still 7 cans/plastic containers a week, 28 a month, 336 a year! If these cans/plastic containers aren’t properly recycled, they will most likely end up in a landfill and remain there long after we’re gone. This is a huge problem as there is only so much room for garbage on this planet. We strongly encourage you to recycle any and all plastic or metal pet food containers as this is crucial to being a responsible person and a responsible pet owner. We also encourage the use of flushable cat litter as this also cuts down on the amount of unnecessary waste in landfills. Many people use plastic bags to scoop their cats poop and pee into, but these plastic bags are non-biodegradable and will unnecessarily sit in landfills for years. Speaking of plastic bags, we also recommend using biodegradable poop bags (made from corn starch or other vegetable-based materials) when picking up your dog’s waste. It’s important to keep your pets’ best interests in mind, but it’s equally important to keep the environment’s best interests in mind as well. Finding a balance between the two will not only make you a better pet owner, but a better person in this world. If you’re interested in learning more about being a responsible pet owner, check out our previous article entitled Responsible Pet Owners Month for more information. 

Going Green And Staying Green

Contributing to Earth Day is easy because it’s only one day of the year. However, doing this everyday throughout the year can be difficult for many people. “Going Green” isn’t a special occasion, it’s a lifestyle. The things we do or don’t do now in the present will affect the planet’s future for years to come. It’s up to us to leave the next generation a world worth living in. Whether it’s recycling your pet food containers or using flushable cat litter, there are countless ways you can contribute to making and keeping this world a beautiful place for both us and our furry friends.