Fathers Day And Pets


The Importance Of Pet Dads And Dads With Pets

June 19th is nearly here and with it comes the iconic dad-themed holiday known as Fathers Day. It’s a day to honor and thank all of the dads out there for everything they do. Being a parent nowadays isn’t an easy responsibility, which is why holidays like Father’s Day are so important. And that goes for Pet-Dads too! Many dads take their pet ownership very seriously and view them as kids more than pets. This article will discuss the relationship between father and pet, what it means to be a good father and/or pet dad, and how pets themselves can also be dads of a litter. 

Pet Dads

Although our fathers never truly stop being our fathers, there eventually comes a point in our lives where we move out of our parents home to make a home for ourselves. This can often leave any parent with “empty nest syndrome” where a parent still possesses the urge and drive to be a parent but no longer has any children that need their immediate care. Thankfully there is an easy solution to this emotionally driven problem. The answer is pets! Owning a pet isn’t quite as burdensome as having children, but it still requires a great deal of attention, time, and love. We’re not suggesting a pet can replace the love of a child, but it can certainly keep you preoccupied. Parents are good at nurturing and after so many years of nurturing your children, you tend to get accustomed to it. Being a pet-dad is an opportunity to continue using those nurturing skills while also giving a pet a good home. We as human beings thrive off socialization and companionship which is something pets can readily offer any father. If you’re interested in being a Pet Dad or getting your dad a pet, check out our previous article entitled Adopt A Dog Month. Because every father deserves a best friend!

Being A Good Father

As previously mentioned, being a parent isn’t an easy responsibility. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and patience. There’s no guide or how-to book that will teach you to be a good father as most of it comes with experience. It’s difficult to explain what it feels like to be a father without actually being one. But, imagine having a miniature version of you around. You get to watch them grow, learn, and make mistakes along the way. You’re there for them when they succeed and when they fail. But no matter how high they climb or how low they fall, you are always there to help them get back up. That’s what it means to be a good father. To never give up on your child and always be there to help them. Granted, this is much easier said than done, especially when it comes to teeneagers. However, being a father or parent in general is the most difficult and rewarding responsibility most people could ever imagine. Take some time this Fathers Day to appreciate the father figures in your life and reflect on everything they do for us. No father is perfect, but they will always be our fathers through both the best and worst of times.

Pets That Are Dads

When people think of Fathers Day, they typically don’t think of pets. However, everyone, even pets, have a father. Although the parental role an animal plays in its offspring’s life greatly varies depending on the species, most mammals tend to be very nurturing and involved with their offspring. This is true in dogs as dogs are originally descended from wolves who live in packs. Typically speaking, both dog parents help raise their young. However, through centuries of domestication and human involvement, male dogs no longer need to directly care for their young as humans will usually do it for them. Instinctually male dogs will want to care for their young, but they don’t necessarily have to, knowing that their human owners will do so for them. Regardless, male dogs will often be seen playing with their young and showing them how to behave (or misbehave) in most situations. Most puppies are visual learners and will replicate what they see their parents doing. While the female dog parent is responsible for feeding and nurturing their offspring, the male dog parent is also necessary as a role model and giving the puppies someone to look up to. To learn more about the history of dogs and how the males care for their young, check out the American Kennel Club for more information. 

It’s Dad’s Day

No matter what kind of father you are, you are appreciated. No matter what kind of father you have, he is and always will be your father at the end of the day. June 19th is a holiday dedicated to remembering and honoring all of the dads out there both human and pet alike! While everyday is a good day to appreciate your dad, this day is especially so. It’s more of a reminder of all the great things our fathers do for us on a regular basis without question and without expecting a thank you. Fathers love their children unconditionally because they want to, not because they have to. Do something nice this Fathers Day for all of the father figures in your life. Not because you have to, but because you want to.