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Fireworks & Fear!


Solutions For Your Furry Friend’s Anxiety This Summer

Many pet owners will dread the summer holidays because they know how much stress it can cause their furry family members. Between fireworks blasting, thunderstorms, outdoor parties and even noisy traffic, it’s no wonder our pets are stressed out this time of the year. But, with so many products on the market, we can make their experience a little less traumatic. The question is, how do you know which solutions will work the best? Not only that, but which ones will work the best for your particular pet. Just as people are different with which medicines and supplements their bodies respond best to, pets are no exception.  Below are some great products that have been proven to be very helpful as well as other solutions to keep them comfortable. 

What’s Trending?

CBD and Hemp oil have been a more popular method recently to aid in the relief of many health conditions for both humans and pets. While this could be a whole blog topic in itself, it is important to scratch the surface on these products to address this problem. How do you know which one to choose? Simply put, hemp oil keeps your dogs skin hydrated and their coat looking glossy. Hemp oil is derived directly from hemp seeds and is loaded with Omega-6 and Omega-3 essential fatty acids as well as a variety of other compounds for that nice glossy coat.  This product will also aid in joint health and boost the immune system. Hemp oil can contain trace amounts of CBD. CBD, derived from a different part of the hemp plant is the one to use for anxiety but has also been proven to prevent seizures and treat inflammation and chronic pain. There are many different brands out there, not to mention forms of which the CBD can be administered such as treats, oils, and capsules. The best way for your pet’s body to absorb the CBD is to drop the oil right into your pet’s mouth. 

Setting The “Comfort Zone”

If you are going to be out of the house when you know fireworks are inevitable or a thunderstorm is coming, create the ultimate calming atmosphere for your dog or cat. First, I would choose a room or location they are most comfortable in, preferably with no windows or doors, and keep them in there to make them feel extra secure. Next I would start pairing up your chosen calming products. When put together, calming products have a greater effect than just using one by itself. Most calming products for pets are natural and you don’t have to worry about overdoing it. Pair any of these together and it will be a recipe for success for your pet.


There are actually some select toys out there that have calming scents such as lavender and dog pheromones built into the toys. These scents remind your dog that they are safe and allowed to relax. 


This works perfect if you have a particular room your pet will be confined in. A calming diffuser such as the Adaptil one, will emit pheromones that would mimic a nursing mother’s pheromones, letting her puppies know her dogs are safe. It is a scent that only a dog can sense but has proven to be highly effective. For a more in-depth look into calming pheromones for dogs and cats, check out petmd.com.

Calming Collar:

This can be in the form of emitting pheromones just like with the diffuser or can contain other calming scents or a mixture of both. This provides consistent exposure to these calming scents since the collar is constantly around your dogs neck. 

CBD Oil:

It is best to give this oil right before stressors occur to allow for time for absorption.

Calming Treats:

Similar to a supplement, calming treats contain a mix of herbs and vitamins as their active ingredients. They can also come in CBD form.


The idea is to simulate the feeling of a hug from the constant gentle pressure being applied. This in turn will help release natural calming hormones from your pet. By itself, many people see little to no effects, but paired with another calming remedy, this product can prove to be useful.  

Soft Music:

Create an environment that helps deflect outside noise by playing soft music for your pet. Fans and other forms of white noise have also proven to be effective. 

Your Scent:

Your pets love you! They also feel more comfortable when around you. If you can’t be there with your pet to calm them during stressful times, take some of your clothing that you recently wore, or a towel you used and put it on the floor for your pet or on their bed to cuddle with. They will absolutely love this and feel a little more at ease snuggled up with something that has your scent on it.

How To Start

While there are so many different options on the market, you don’t have to be overwhelmed. Start by selecting a few calming products from the ones listed above and do a trial and error process. You won’t know what works best for your pet until you rule out the ineffective ones. If your pet is still traumatized and seems to fall within a “severe case” category of anxiety, there are products that the vet can prescribe for you. You can then keep this medicine on hand for when these types of situations arise. For more information regarding therapeutic treatments for your dog, check out our other article called Holistic Healing For Your Pet. Hopefully with the upcoming Fourth of July weekend upon us, you will find this information useful and be able to create a comforting and stress free experience for your pet. Happy Independence Day!