National Cat Lovers Month


Celebrating Our Adorable, Clever, And Sassy Feline Friends

December is a month that is jam packed with different holidays including Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and New Year’s. But, December also celebrates another important holiday that not many people know about called National Cat Lovers Month. Are you unfamiliar with National Cat Lovers Month? Continue reading to learn more.

What Is National Cat Lovers Month?

While certain days in December are dedicated to particular holidays, the entire month of December celebrates and honors our furry feline friends. National Cat Lovers Month was first established in 2014 by “Catster” magazine in an attempt to enlighten the general public about serious issues regarding cat health and welfare. This special month-long holiday aims to raise awareness about the struggles and circumstances many cats face, but also to celebrate all the wonderful reasons why we love our furry feline friends so much. You don’t necessarily have to be a “cat-person” to celebrate this wonderful holiday because all animal lovers are welcome to join in on the fantastic feline festivities. Cats are amazing and loving pets and it’s important for us to remember just how loving and amazing they are by celebrating National Cat Lovers Month. 

Why Celebrate Cats?

As mentioned in one of our previous blogs “National Cat Day” humans have been domesticating cats for roughly 10,000 to 12,000 years dating back to when the first human civilizations adopted agriculture and gave up a nomadic lifestyle. Cats, or felis cactus, have been useful, loyal, and adorable companions to humans ever since. They are typically very efficient animals to have around the house as they will typically catch, kill, and eat most household pests such as bugs, mice, spiders, and even small snakes. Cats are natural predators and are often very territorial when it comes to unwelcome guests in their home. The very presence of a cat in your home is usually enough to deter most vermin and bugs from entering your home at all. But, cats are much more than  just convenient exterminators. Cats also make excellent companions. While most cats aren’t as obedient or trainable as dogs, they are just as affectionate and loving as their canine counterparts. Cats are very social creatures and need affection and love just as much as they do food and water. Admittedly, some cats are more affectionate than others, but in the end all cats have a deep desire to be pet, cuddled, and loved by their owners. Simply put, cats make convenient pets, incredible companions, and loving friends which is why they should be celebrated and honored throughout the month of December. 

Why Do We Love Cats?

There are many reasons why we love cats. For starters, they’re absolutely adorable! Even the roughest, toughest, and most unemotional types of people would have their hearts melt at the site of a playful kitten. The unmistakable innocence and cuteness of a kitten or cat tends to bring out the innocence and cuteness within ourselves. With all of the anger, hatred, sadness, and evil in the world, a little bit of cuteness and innocence goes a long way. Cats make purrfect stress therapy animals as they are both comforting and relaxing creatures to be around. Their soft fur, playful demeanor, and soothing purr are extremely effective in reducing stress levels and helping people with anxiety. Another reason why so many people gravitate to “The Cat Side” is because of people’s natural desire to nurture and love. Humans are naturally hardwired to care for and raise children which makes nurturing and loving a cat or kitten feel so natural and satisfying. In many ways, our pets are our children and National Cat Lovers Month is another great reason to celebrate and honor our feline family.  

How You Can Participate 

Even if you’re not a “cat person” there are still many ways to celebrate and honor cats this December. Adopting a cat or kitten in need of a good home would be ideal, but that isn’t always an option for some people. If you already have a cat or kitten, celebrate with them by giving them a new toy or some new cat furniture such as a cat tree or scratching post. Or even schedule a wellness checkup visit for your cat at your local veterinarian. Your cat may not like it, but making sure they are healthy is an excellent and important way to celebrate this fantastic holiday. One of the best and simplest ways to celebrate National Cat Lovers Month is to spend some quality time with your cat. Whether it’s sitting down to play with them or just cuddling up on the couch together, give your cat some of your valuable time because ultimately all your cat really wants is to spend time with their favorite person on the planet (that’s you). While spending quality time with your cat, don’t forget to take some pictures as well. Sadly our pets won’t be around forever, but taking a few selfies with our furry friends is a nice and thoughtful way to always remember them and the relationships we build with them. If you don’t have a cat and don’t have the means to adopt one, there are other ways to participate in this amazing holiday. Donating money to or volunteering your time at your local animal shelter is one of the greatest and most selfless ways to honor and celebrate cats all around the world.