National Hug Your Cat Day


Showing Some Love For Our Feline Friends

Everyday is a good day to hug your cat. But, June 4th 2022 is celebrated as National Hug Your Cat Day. As the name implies, this holiday is all about showing some extra love and attention to your feline friends. While most cats usually don’t like to literally be hugged, you can still show your affection for them in other ways. This article will cover everything you need to know about this purr-fect pet themed holiday including the reason for the holiday, the importance of giving your cat attention, and what makes cats and kittens so lovable and adorable. 

Reason For The Holiday

So why have a National Hug Your Cat Day? The real question is why not!? Cats are wonderful animals and they make truly fantastic pets. Cats are relatively low maintenance pets by comparison to other pets like dogs. You can walk into a cat owner’s home and potentially never even see them. Cats are very independent creatures by nature and will often do their own thing regardless if people are around. Being a cat owner is so easy, that it’s easy to unintentionally neglect or not think about your cat all together. This holiday is more of a reminder to all cat owners to show a little extra love and care to your feline friend. You could call it “Pay More Attention To Your Cat Day” but that doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. If this kind of holiday interests you,  then check out to learn more about other awareness-based holidays,

Paying Attention To Your Feline Friend

Cats may be independent, but they still crave and need attention. That’s where you, the responsible pet owner, comes in. Cats don’t need constant attention, but they do need to know that they’re loved. We all lead busy lives between work, family, friends, and school, but it only takes five minutes to pet your cat and remind them how much you care for them. Even just a casual head pat, belly rub, or scratch behind the ear will make your cat’s day. Perhaps this holiday will not only remind you, but inspire you to spend more quality time with your cat or kitty. We all love pets. If you own a pet or pets, then it’s your responsibility to make time for them. Can’t make time to care and love your pets? No worries! The good people at ParaMount Pet Care have your back. We look after virtually every type of pet you can think of, including cats of course. We will gladly hug your cat this June 4th (or any day) and remind them how beautiful they truly are. For more information about ParaMount Pet Care, check out our website at

Why We Love Cats And Kittens

Cats have been a big part of human society and life for thousands of years. Scientists and historians theorize that cat domestication began around 7500 B.C. with African wildcats. Cats have been vital in our agricultural developments as they were essential for keeping away vermin such as rodents and bugs. They essentially guarded the fields and storehouses of grain and crops. Over time cats would be revered and praised not only for their keen hunting abilities, but for their companionship as well. Some cultures, like the ancient Egyptians, considered cats to be sacred believing they were magical creatures that would bring good luck to those who housed them. Today, modern household cats may not be considered sacred or magical, but they are certainly special creatures. They are downright adorable! Their soft fur makes them especially good for cuddling with. They often love to play with toys and things they think are toys. They’re very photogenic. And above all else, they are lovers (usually). Most cats will seek out your love and affection by crawling onto your lap or sleeping between your legs. Although not all cats have the same personality and temperament, they all share one thing in common. The capacity to love and be loved. 

How You Can Participate

The straightforward approach to celebrating this holiday is to simply hug your cat. However, people who don’t own a cat may be feeling a little left out. If you don’t own a cat, then you can celebrate “Hug Someone Else’s Cat Day” instead. According to Alley Cat Allies, there are roughly 82 million pet cats living in peoples homes across the U.S. So, odds are you know someone who owns a cat. Maybe you’re allergic or simply don’t like cats? That’s ok too! Because with all those household cats out there, there’s a good chance you know someone who does love cats. Tell them about this wonderful pet-themed holiday and send them the link to this article. Spreading the word about hugging a cat is just as good, but less fluffy. And who knows! You could be one cat hug away from becoming a true cat lover.