National Pet Fire Safety Day


Discussing The Importance Of Fire Safety Regarding Your Pets

A house fire can be a scary and life threatening experience to have to deal with for you, your family, and your pets. As responsible homeowners, we do everything we can to prevent and protect our homes from catching fire. However, not all preventive measures are fool proof and some things are simply unavoidable. This is why it’s so important to have a solid contingency plan in place should your home unfortunately catch fire. The focus of this article revolves around the groundbreaking holiday known as National Pet Fire Safety Day which takes place on July 15th. We will be discussing preventative measures, facts about pet-started fires, and the importance/history of the holiday itself and how it can potentially save your furry friend’s life. Keep reading to learn more. 

Preventive Measures

When it comes to emergency situations, the most important thing to do is to be prepared. Although nobody wants or expects to experience a house fire, being properly prepared for one can be the difference between life and death.  Full disclaimer, we are not an emergency response organization nor are we sponsored by the federal government or state of Pennsylvania to offer emergency situation advice. That being said, we are a professional pet sitting and dog walking company that truly loves all pets and simply want pet owners everywhere to have as much practical and useful knowledge as possible regarding pet care procedures. Knowledge is power and the more you know about pet fire safety, the more prepared you will be to handle such an emergency. A good place to start is by taking preventive measures.


If your pet is confined to a room or crate/kennel, be sure that room or crate/kennel is close to an entrance. This will make it easier for you or firefighters to find your pet and escort them to safety.

2.Leash Location

Keep leashes near all entrances/exits. This will also make it easier for you or firefighters to secure your pets and escort them to safety.

3.Escape Route

Should you have to evacuate your house, leave the doors open. This will give your pet a way out of the building as you call their name from outside.

4.Safety Stickers

Utilize Pet Rescue Fire Safety Stickers in your windows. Placing these free stickers in your front windows or the windows where your pets are confined will alert firefighters that you have pets inside, how many, and what kind.

5.Have A Plan

Lastly, have an up-to-date fire drill in place for you and your family. Make sure everyone knows what to do and where to go during a house fire and designate who is responsible for locating and evacuating the pets as well. To learn more about pet emergency preparedness, check out our previous article entitled National Pet Preparedness Month. 

Pets Start Fires

According to, roughly 360,000 house fires occur every year in the U.S. Out of those 360,000, over 1,000 of them are accidentally started by homeowners’ pets. Although pets can sometimes be unpredictable, it’s our duty as responsible pet owners to do everything we can to prevent our pets from getting into trouble. To help keep your pets and your home safe, start by making your house as “pet-proof” as possible. For example, do not leave pets unattended around open flames such as candles or an open fireplace. Pets, especially cats, are notorious for knocking over candles which could cause a house fire. A second piece of advice is to avoid using glass water bowls on an outdoor wooden deck. Surprisingly enough, the sun’s rays can heat up the water in the glass bowl and ignite the wooden deck beneath it (similar to a magnifying glass). We recommend using stainless steel or ceramic water bowls for outdoor use. The most dangerous culprit for pet-started house fires is the oven/stovetop. Most pets are naturally drawn to the oven/stovetop because of all the delicious smells emanating from it. Removing the stove knobs is a good way to prevent your pet from accidentally turning on the stove and potentially starting a house fire. These are just a few examples of how to keep your home safe from accidental pet-caused house fires. Our pets don’t know any better, but we do. So take the preventive measures now and reduce the chances of putting your family and furry family at risk of a house fire. 

The Holiday That Saves Lives

National Pet Fire Safety Day takes place every year on July 15th for the purpose of educating pet owners about the dangers of house fires and the importance of being prepared for them. While no plan is fool proof, some plan is better than no plan. Sadly, over 40,000 pets die in house fires every year. But, with the proper planning, organization, and education, these deaths can be prevented. Don’t let your pet become another sad statistic. Take action, make a plan, and be prepared for emergency situations like house fires. Tell your friends, family, neighbors, and fellow pet lovers about this holiday so that they too can be more prepared and educated on the importance of pet fire safety. You just may end up saving a pet’s life in the process.