National Pet I.D. Week


Discussing The Importance Of I.D. Tracking In Pets

April 17th to April 23rd is widely known and celebrated as National Pet I.D. Week. But not everyone knows about this amazing week-long pet-themed holiday. The purpose of this holiday and this article is to spread awareness about the importance of using proper identification tags on your pets. This article will cover everything from I.D. tags, to microchipping, and even the week-long holiday itself.

Why A Week Long Holiday?

Unlike Christmas or Halloween, National Pet I.D. Week is an awareness-based holiday for pet owners everywhere. The purpose of this holiday is to promote the importance of using proper I.D. for your pets. Proper pet I.D. is so important that one day simply isn’t enough. Instead, pet lovers everywhere can celebrate this holiday for an entire week from April 17th to April 23rd (2023). Like other pet-themed awareness holidays, it is all about information and education. Being a pet owner is a huge responsibility and it is often a learning process. Here at ParaMount Pet Care, we want you to be the best pet owner possible. That means giving you the right knowledge and information for the job!

What Information To Put On Your Pet’s Tags

When it comes to using I.D. for your pets, we are typically referring to dogs and cats. Putting a collar and I.D. tag on your snake or guinea pig won’t help anyone. But, dogs and cats are both very common pets and very skilled at escaping from their owners at times. Should someone find your lost pet, the only way they can return them is based on the information on your pet’s tags. Your pet’s basic tag information should include your contact info (cell phone number and address). These tags should also have your pet’s name and current vaccinations. This will inform whoever finds your pet that they have an owner and how to get in touch with that owner (you). 

Microchipping Our Pets

One of the latest and most innovative forms of pet technology is microchipping. Pet microchips are rice-sized radio frequency identification devices (R.F.I.D.) that are permanently inserted underneath the skin of your pet. These microchips are usually inserted along the pet’s spine, between the shoulder blades. This pet microchip can then be scanned by a veterinarian or animal hospital which will transmit a unique I.D. number. This unique I.D. number reveals the identity of your pet, proves that you are its owner, and provides your contact information. Unlike a collar and tags that can be lost or removed, these microchips are permanent and will always be there. This is extremely useful for identifying lost pets and returning them to their owners. To learn more about pet microchipping, check out our previous article called Chip Your Pet Month

Why It’s So Important

The thought of having your pet become lost or stolen is every pet owner’s worst nightmare. According to the American Humane Society, 1 out of 3 pets will become lost or stolen within their lifetime. It’s a very scary and sad situation to be in, but it can often be prevented. Our pets are often smarter than we think and have been known to escape from the house and/or backyard. Even with fenced-in yards and invisible fence, our pets still manage to escape sometimes. This is why having clear and distinct identification is so important. A simple tag with your contact information can make all the difference when it comes to reuniting you with your lost furry friend.