National Plan For Vacation Day


The Importance Of Planning Ahead For You And Your Pets

Everyone needs a vacation from time to time, but most of us lead busy lives and there are often many important arrangements that need to be made before we can “get out of dodge.” Sadly, many of us wait until the last minute to make these proper arrangements before leaving on vacation. Some of these important life arrangements include house management, work management, and of course pet management. Here, we will discuss the importance of vacation planning regarding your pets including when to do it, how to do it, and why it’s so important for both you and your furry friend.

Plan For Vacation Holiday

The last Tuesday of January (1/25/2022 this year) is known to travelers everywhere as National Plan For Vacation Day. The holiday was first founded in 2017 by the U.S. Travel Association (a non-profit organization representing all components of the travel industry). The goal of the holiday is to encourage Americans to plan their vacation days for the rest of the year. This holiday is purposely placed on the first month of the year so that people can have the rest of their year planned out accordingly. Most Americans are dedicated hard workers, but they often neglect to give themselves a proper amount of time off. This holiday serves as a reminder that everyone needs and deserves a little time off. The best way to ensure you get that time off is to plan ahead.

Keeping Your Pets In Mind

There are so many things to plan for regarding your vacation including hotel reservations, transportation, requesting time off work, etc. One of the most commonly overlooked aspects to planning a vacation is delegating what to do with your pets. Our pets are our family and hiring a pet sitter to look after your furry family while you’re on vacation is one of the most (if not the most) important things you can do when planning your vacation. That’s why ParaMount Pet Care makes it so easy to schedule pet sitting services! There are six different ways you can contact us to inquire about or schedule our services. You can call or text the office at 570-814-1037. You can also message us on Facebook at our ParaMount Pet Care facebook page or you can message us and check out our reviews on our website at You can also email us directly at [email protected]. And lastly, if you’re already a client, you can contact us through our professional pet sitting software called Time To Pet. Unfamiliar with Time To Pet? Continue reading to learn more!

Professional Pet Sitting Software

One of the most innovative and convenient aspects of our services is the use of our professional pet sitting software called Time To Pet. Time To Pet, also known as TTP, is an all-in-one software/app that we utilize for nearly everything regarding our services. You can download the app (much more convenient) or log into your account through your internet browser. Once you’re logged in, you can request specific dates, times, and services from the convenience of your cell phone or computer. On TTP, you also have a fully customizable client profile where you can upload any important information (feeding instructions, leash location, house management, emergency contact info, etc.) that will better assist us in taking care of your furry family. There is even a profile specifically for your pet! This provides a little bio about your pet including sex, breed, vaccinations, and birthday (we celebrate birthdays around here!). The more info we have, the better suited we will be to take care of your pets the same way you do. You will also get notifications through the app from our pet sitters at the end of every visit with a quick report card of how your pets are doing and a little picture. This provides peace of mind about your pets well-being and is one of our most highly rated features from client reviews. TTP is not only convenient, it’s reliable, easy to use, and provides you with peace of mind that your pet family is in good hands.

Why Booking In Advance Is So Important

At ParaMount Pet Care, we do our best to not waste a single moment and will always try and squeeze in every client that we can throughout our busy schedule. However, we operate on a first come-first serve basis and we also tend to book up pretty quick around here (especially around vacation season). You don’t want to go on vacation without having a solid game plan of who takes care of your pets while you’re away. Being on vacation is all about relaxing and I personally could never relax while not knowing how my furry family is doing. Don’t wait or put it off for later. BOOK NOW! And we will guarantee you a time slot and dates for you and your pets. If you’re already an existing client, you can use the TTP app or go online and sign into your TTP client portal to request specific times, dates, and pet sitting services. If you’re not already an existing client, give us a call at 570-814-1037 and answer a few brief questions to see if we’re the right pet sitting service you. We look forward to meeting you and your pets so you can look forward to your vacation!