National Purebred Dog Day


A Celebration Of Purebred Dogs And Why We Love Them So Much

May 1st is more than just the beginning of spring, it’s celebrated as National Purebred Dog Day! Originally founded by Susi Szeremy, dog breeder and author at American Kennel Club, National Purebred Dog Day was created to celebrate dogs and the responsible breeders who dedicate themselves to harboring the genetic qualities of purebred dogs. Want to learn more about purebred dogs and why they have a whole day dedicated to them? Keep reading to learn more.

What Is A Purebred Dog

According to the American Kennel Club, A.K.C., a “breed standard” describes the ideal specimen of a particular breed of dog. These standards include various characteristics including body type, structure, gait, and temperament of that specific breed. These various characteristics thus allow the breed of dog to function and perform for the exact purpose it was bred. It’s not about how cute a dog is, but rather how closely they conform to their breed standards which makes them purebred. But it’s not just the physical characteristics that matter when determining a purebred, as every purebred must also have documented proof of their lineage and ancestry. As the name purebred implies, the bloodline of a dog’s lineage must also be pure and of the same breed. For example, a purebred golden retriever had a mother and father that were also golden retrievers. Those two golden retrievers also had parents that were both golden retrievers and so on. Making a specific dog breed only mate with another  dog of the same breed is known as selective breeding and is the only definite way to preserve the breed standard of that type of dog.

Where To Get Purebred Dogs

There are over 400 dog breeds across the world, but sadly many of them are at risk of disappearing forever. Purebred breeders work hard to keep some of these breeds and their unique traits and/or characteristics alive through selective breeding. As previously mentioned, selective breeding is the only definitive way to preserve those specific traits and characteristics of any given breed of dog. When it comes to purchasing a purebred dog, you must be very careful and cautious about what dog breeder you buy them from. The demand for purebred dogs is so high that many dog breeders will go to extreme lengths to meet the demand and make more money. Be sure to research your dog breeder and make sure they are credible. It’s also important to meet the dog breeder on-site so you can see the dog’s living conditions and get a better idea of how it’s treated. Many purebred dogs are raised in cruel and unhealthy living conditions as they are seen as only profit as opposed to living animals with feelings, similar to puppy mills. To learn more about the harsh and inhumane conditions of puppy mills, check out our previous article entitled The Truth About Puppy Mills.

Common Health Complications 

One of the biggest downsides of purebred dogs is that they often come with a wide variety of health problems. As mentioned before, people have been breeding dogs to attain certain traits for thousands of years. We have recently seen a surge in genetically caused problems in purebred dogs within the past two centuries. This is a result of competitive dog shows and the extreme lengths breeders will go to achieve the perfect “breed standard.” The A.K.C. and other similar organizations have set standards which define what each breed should look like. As a result, many breeders then resort to “line breeding” which is a form of inbreeding that mates direct relatives (ex. grandfather to granddaughter). Championship winning dogs are bred wildly afterwards as breeders hope to attain and preserve those winning characteristics and features. Sadly this results in the spreading of inherited diseases and health issues across many purebred dogs of various breeds. For example, large breeds such as German Shepherds often experience hip dysplasia or patellar luxation. 

Why We Love Them

At the end of the day, purebred dogs are just as loving, loyal, and adorable as any other dog. We love our pets, regardless of their perfections or imperfections. We all have our own preferences and opinions and some particular breeds of dogs simply appeal or resonate with people more than others. Die hard dog lovers actively seek out these traits and characteristics because that’s what they look for and desire in their ideal dog. And there’s nothing wrong with that! Whatever your preference, remember that all dogs are beautiful in their own way. Don’t be afraid to give a dog a chance, even if they don’t meet your ideal perception of what you think a dog should be. No dog is perfect, purebred or mixed-breed, but every dog deserves a good home.