National Train Your Dog Month


Remembering The Importance Of Proper Dog Training

As dog lovers, we love all dogs of every size, color, age, and breed. However, some dogs are more well behaved than others. A dog’s behavior, temperament, and manners all stem from proper training (or a lack of) during their puppyhood. If you want an obedient and well behaved dog, then you must train them at a young age to ensure they carry those traits with them throughout adulthood. Here, we will discuss the importance of training your dog/puppy, the benefits of a regimented exercise schedule, and how routine dog walking can improve both you and your dog’s quality of life.

Celebrating Proper Training

This holiday was first established in 2010 by The Association Of Professional Dog Trainers (the world’s largest professional dog training community). National Train Your Dog Month was created to raise awareness about the importance of proper dog training and dog socialization. Most dogs don’t need training to be loyal and lovable. However they do need training in order to establish obedience, good manners, good behaviors, and being housebroken. The Association Of Professional Dog Trainers, or APDT, recognizes that a dog’s level of training is often the deciding factor of whether or not a family can or will keep them as a pet. There are very few family households that are willing to take in a dog that is overly aggressive, displays destructive behaviors, or isn’t properly housebroken. By properly training dogs at a young age, we are increasing their chances of adoption and their overall perceived worth to most potential pet owners.

Christmas Puppies

It’s no coincidence that Train Your Dog Month was established in the month of January just after the holiday season. A staggeringly high number of dogs and puppies are adopted and purchased around the holidays during the month of December. While these “Christmas Puppies” are a great idea on paper, they usually don’t make very good gifts because with them comes a great deal of responsibility and investment. Oftentimes a new puppy or dog can cause more problems than expected such as chewing on furniture, peeing/pooping in the house, or persistent barking that wakes the whole neighborhood. Sadly, many new pet owners eventually give up and will put their new pet up for adoption only a few weeks later. This can usually be prevented because all of the previously mentioned bad behaviors are a direct result of a lack of training. The average dog is only as well behaved as they are well trained. If you or someone you know received a puppy/dog around the holidays, put in the time and effort to make sure that pet is properly trained. I guarantee you that even the most basic training exercises and lessons will reflect a huge difference in your pet’s behavior, obedience, and personality.  

Regimented Exercise Schedule

The best way to maintain your dogs healthy lifestyle is to make healthy habits a regimented daily routine. More specifically scheduled diet and exercise. Make it a point to dedicate time everyday to exercising with your dog. Whether it’s walking, running, or just playing fetch, engage in physical activities with your furry friend that will both entertain them and give them a good workout. Dogs are very good at memorizing and predicting a routine so try and do these doggy playtime exercises around the same time everyday. Your dog will not only adapt but also look forward to these daily exercises as both entertainment and an outlet for getting a lot of energy out of their system. If you want to learn more about healthy foods and diets for dogs, check out our previous blog How to Choose a Dog Food for more information. Remember, it’s never too late to train your dog to be more active and engage in healthy exercise habits. 

Professional Dog Walking Services

When it comes to training your dog, remember you are not alone. Your family, friends, and even neighbors can all contribute to training your dog by encouraging and instilling good behaviors. However, family, friends, and neighbors aren’t always available to help in your dog training endeavors. That’s where ParaMount Pet Care comes in! We are a professional dog walking and pet sitting service located in the heart of Northeast Pennsylvania. Although we are not dog trainers, we are dog professionals and we work with our clients and their furry friends everyday to help promote and encourage good habits and behavior. Something as simple as using specific command words or walking your dog in a certain manner can help shape and mold them into the well behaved pet you always wanted. We’ve seen a dramatic difference in some of our clients’ dogs after only a few weeks of routine walks and positive reinforcement for good behavior. Whether your dog is overly aggressive, has destructive tendencies, or simply has too much anxious energy, routine dog walking/sitting services can and will make a huge difference in their overall behavior and personality.