Pet Cams & Peace Of Mind


The Best Way To Care For Your Pet Even When You’re Not Around

Pets require many things to thrive and survive including food, water, shelter, and space. But, they require something else equally as important, attention. Most pets are social creatures, just like us, and need some form of consistent social interaction to help them grow, learn, and be happy. But in most cases, us pet owners aren’t always around to give them the constant attention they deserve. Leaving your pet alone for extended periods of time can cause them and you a great deal of stress, but thankfully there is a solution. Pet cameras are an easy and convenient tool that can be used to monitor your pets even when you’re not home. Below are a few reasons why a pet cam may be a good investment for both you and your pets.

What Is A Pet Camera?

A pet camera, also known as a “Pet Cam” is a small device with a built-in camera that you put in your home which has a constant live feed of what it observes. Similar to a doorbell camera, this camera’s live feed is connected to your phone, tablet, or laptop which allows you to see what it sees from anywhere at any time.  These pet cams are becoming increasingly more popular as many pet owners have busy lives and need an alternative method of watching or monitoring their pets. Let’s dive into the many benefits these devices have to offer!

Remote Observation

As a pet owner, we spend a lot of time with our pets. Thus, we know a lot about their good habits and behaviors to their worst habits and behaviors. But that’s usually based on what we directly observe. The real question is, have you ever wondered how your pet behaves when you’re not around? You might be very surprised how your dog, cat, bird, etc., behaves when you’re not there. Knowledge is power; and knowing what your pet is capable of doing is truly priceless. For example, your socks are constantly going missing. You blame it on the dryer or your spouse or even yourself. Then you invest in a pet cam and realize it was actually your dog or cat stealing your socks out of the hamper and hiding them on you. As bizarre as this example may seem, this kind of thing happens all the time as pets can often be unpredictable. The more you know about your pets’ behaviors and tendencies, the more you’ll begin to understand exactly who your pet is and why they behave the way they do. 

Pet Camera Features

There is currently a wide variety of pet cams on the market and each one offers something unique. Although every pet cam comes with the standard camera to monitor your pets, many pet cams also come with a variety of different features. One of the most impressive features is the two-way audio capabilities. This feature has both a microphone and a speaker built into the pet camera. The microphone allows you to listen and hear what is happening near the camera. The speaker allows you to actively respond and communicate with your pet as anything you say into your phone or tablet will be projected from the speaker. Many pets including cats and dogs have a strong memory when it comes to sounds and can usually differentiate their owners voice through the pet cam speaker. Sometimes a familiar voice is all your pet needs in order to relax and feel more comfortable alone. Another neat feature of pet cameras is the treat dispenser. As the name implies, there is a small dispenser built into your pet cam that can release a treat for your pet simply by pushing a button on your phone or tablet. Some of these treat dispensers can also be programmed to dispense treats at specific times allowing you to completely automate your pets treat schedule. If you’re a die hard pet lover who enjoys “treating” your pets everyday, then this feature is definitely for you!

Reduce Stress

 Being a pet owner can be stressful. But, with the proper equipment, knowledge, and planning, it doesn’t always have to be this way. Having a pet camera in your home can help reduce stress and anxiety for both you and your pet. This is especially true with dogs because dogs instinctively operate on pack tactics. In the eyes of your dog you are the pack leader. When the pack leader is absent the rest of the pack (your dogs) begin to feel anxious and confused as they no longer have someone to turn to for guidance and support. It may seem silly, but this sense of hierarchy is the fundamental glue that holds together the relationships between a dog and their family as it establishes the bonds of trust, loyalty, and love. While pet cameras can help reduce stress for our pets, they’re also beneficial to the pet owners in this sense too. As pet parents, we’re always thinking about the well-being of our pets. Being able to see, hear, and communicate with them at any given moment from practically anywhere in the world by using a pet camera is truly amazing as it offers both peace of mind and a sense of security. With a pet camera you can be there for your pet even when you’re not physically there.

Should I invest in a Pet Cam?

Pet cameras can be a great investment depending on your lifestyle. While it might not benefit pet owners who spend a lot of time at home, it can be an invaluable tool for people that aren’t regularly home. Still not sure if you need a pet camera? Here are some examples of people who would benefit most from owning a pet camera.


If you do a lot of traveling, whether it be business or pleasure, then odds are your pet doesn’t get to see or spend much time with you. A great way to supplement this is through a pet cam as it allows you to communicate with your pet and possibly give them treats for good behavior. Many of us have busy lifestyles, but that doesn’t mean your pet can’t be part of it with a little help from a pet camera. 


Serving your country is one of the most selfless and courageous acts anyone can do. However, being enlisted in the military often requires you to travel abroad and be stationed in various places across the world for long periods of time. This can make being a pet owner rather difficult. But, thanks to the innovation of pet cameras, the brave men and women that serve in the military can monitor and interact with their pets on a regular basis even if they’re halfway around the world. Being a soldier isn’t an  easy life, but being a pet owner can be simplified by owning and using a pet camera.

Solo Life:

Caring for a pet is much easier when you live with other people. For most families, there are plenty of people around to help with the daily chores and maintenance such as supplying food, water, potty breaks, etc. However, this isn’t always the case as many pet owners live alone. Whether you’re single, divorced, or just simply living by yourself, having a pet camera can be mutually beneficial for both you and your pet as it helps fill in the gaps of time when you’re not home to comfort your beloved pet. With two-way audio, your pet will feel like there is always somebody home and you will feel more connected with your pet being able to see and hear them wherever you are. 

Separation Anxiety Disorder (SAD):

S.A.D. is defined as excessive worry and fear about being apart from family members or individuals to whom a child is most attached. While this definition directly applies to humans, many pets also go through this same experience when separated from their owners. This separation anxiety is especially common in dogs and can often result in your dog acting disruptively or destructively. Some examples of this destructive behavior include defecating or urinating in the house, unnecessary barking and howling, and chewing on furniture or household items. This destructive behavior is a result of anxiety from your dog being alone. A great solution to this problem is to utilize a pet camera. It is a great way to communicate with your dog and remind them that they’re not alone, thus reducing anxiety and preventing possible destructive behavior. For more information regarding S.A.D. check out the official ASPCA website

Be Stress Free

Pet cameras are an incredible addition to any pet lover’s home as they allow you to monitor, communicate, and reward your pet when you’re not physically there. High definition cameras give you a clear outlook on what your pet is up to at any given time and how they behave when you’re not home. Two-way audio gives you the capability to hear your pet and its surroundings as well as allowing you to speak to your pet through built-in microphone and speaker. Treat dispensers give you the option to reward your pets for good behavior simply by pressing a button on your phone or tablet. Pet cameras are an excellent tool for people that have busy lives and aren’t regularly home to provide their pets with the love and attention they deserve. Most importantly, owning and using a pet camera is a great way to help reduce anxiety and stress for both you and your pets. Being a pet owner isn’t always easy, but pet cams can make your life a little easier and less stressful. If you enjoyed this article, then you’ll definitely love our other article called Responsible Pet Owners Month. Check it out!