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Senior Pet Awareness Month


Giving Elderly Pets A Chance To Be Adopted

Adopting a pet is a truly wonderful and selfless experience. It means adding a new loving member to the family and giving a pet a much needed good home. However, when most people think of adoption they envision adopting a newborn puppy or kitten. In a world where everyone wants the latest brand new cell phone, computer, and automobile, it’s easy to overlook older pets compared to young pets. Many potential pet adopters will commonly disregard dogs or cats that are more than a few years old and will instead gravitate to the puppies and kittens up for adoption. This blog will discuss the topic of senior pets, why they are just as worthwhile as younger pets, and the importance of Senior Pet Awareness Month (November). 

What Is Senior Pet Awareness Month?

The month of November is commonly associated with the Fall season, the changing of weather, and Thanksgiving. But, November is also known for something even more important. The month of November is designated as  National Senior Pet Awareness Month, also known as National Adopt A Senior Pet Month. As the names imply, this month-long holiday is dedicated to helping and promoting senior pets in finding a loving and permanent home. The holiday was founded by the ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty To Animals) and petfinder.com as a means to raise awareness about senior animals and remind people that senior pets are actually excellent candidates for adoption. 

Common Misconceptions

Most people presume that a senior animal is in a shelter due to bad behavior, aggressive temperament, or lack of social skills. This is often far from the truth. There are a multitude of reasons why animals end up in a shelter and many of which are not directly the animal’s fault. Most of the time it’s circumstantial. The original owner may have relocated to a non-pet friendly home or apartment, or had financial struggles and couldn’t afford to keep the pet. Oftentimes, the pet’s owner passes away leaving nobody else to tend to the pet. Regardless of how a senior animal ends up in a shelter, it doesn’t make them any less adoptable than other younger animals. Senior dogs and cats are equally as loving, affectionate, and loyal as a newborn puppy or kitten. In short, never judge an animal by its age.

Why Adopt A Senior Pet

So many animals end up in shelters due to changing circumstances with their owner, many of these animals are kind souls. They were very loyal and loving to their previous owners and still carry these traits and characteristics with them just waiting for another owner to love and adore. This is especially true with senior pets. However, we encourage any and all adoptions from animal shelters as previously mentioned in our previous article Adopt A Dog Month. Senior pets are just as loving and affectionate as young pets. But, senior pets also typically have more experience in regards to training and obedience. Anyone who has ever owned a puppy knows how much time, effort, and dedication it takes to properly train and house-break them. On the contrary, senior pets have already been trained and/or housebroken. This saves any pet owner a great deal of time and aggravation. Senior pets also typically have a more docile demeanor compared to the energetic personality of a younger pet. If you’re looking for a new pet that is loving, affectionate, and loyal, and low maintenance, then a senior pet is the right choice for you. 

The Importance Of Senior Pet Awareness Month

With age comes experience; With experience comes wisdom; And with wisdom comes the capacity to love and be loved. Every pet, regardless of age, deserves a good home. Senior Pet Awareness Month helps remind people about our furry four legged friends that desperately need adoption. Sadly, many senior pets are last to be adopted in animal shelters. This puts them at a higher risk of being euthanized. But, by raising awareness about this topic and encouraging people to adopt senior pets, we as a community of pet lovers can minimize the number of senior pets being euthanized every year and provide these loving creatures with a good home. Besides adopting a senior pet, other ways to support and celebrate this holiday include donating to or volunteering at your local animal shelter. Don’t wait! Make a difference in and possibly save a senior pet’s life this November.