The ParaMount Difference


Discussing What ParaMount Pet Is, What We Do, And What Makes Us The #1 Choice For Pet Sitting And Dog Walking Services


What Is ParaMount Pet Care?

Welcome to the new ParaMount Pet Care blog! This is a place for every pet lover to find useful and relevant information regarding questions about any of their pets! Typically most questions are geared toward dogs and cats but I am knowledgeable in bunny, guinea pig, hamster, fish, bird and reptile care too! I will also be using this space to feature some of my pals at various rescues, grooming salons, and other pet friendly places in the area. With weekly blog posts, you may find other information including pet related news for our area, deals we may be featuring or any sort of special event we may be running.

A Quick Introduction  

Before we dive into all the wonderful content, I would like to first introduce myself. My name is Laura and I’m the owner of ParaMount Pet Care. Aside from the information you can find regarding my start in pet sitting on the “about us” section of my page, I would like to mention my motivation for starting a blog with the pet lover in mind! We post articles once a week, every Thursday. To check out our other articles, visit our official ParaMount Pet Care website.

Background & Experience

I have spent over 10 years on the retail side of the pet industry. Originally, I started as a cashier at PetSmart, Wilkes-Barre in 2011. I loved what I did so much that when I was asked to be their “Pet Care Manager” upon graduation from college, I couldn’t say no! This role was perfect for me, having earned a degree from Penn State in their Veterinary & Biomedical Science program. I was in charge of the pet care department which included the small animals, birds, reptiles and fish. This position was very hands-on, involving trips to the vet office with sick animals, administering medication, hand taming small animals and reptiles, feeding/overall care, cleanliness and so much more! Not to mention leading a team of pet loving staff in this department too. This role expanded beyond the everyday health and wellness of the animals though and also put a major focus on customer satisfaction. I talked to people like you every single day, not only at PetSmart, but during my time at P&D Pet Supply right here in Mountain Top, where I had spent my last 3 years in retail as a manager. I have heard your questions over the years, but more importantly, I have gotten to know so many passionate pet lovers like yourself, which for that, I am so grateful.

Our Passion For Pets

I would love for the primary focus of this blog to be educational and provide value for you, the pet owner. During my 10+ years working in the pet care industry, I’ve come to learn that taking care of the pet owner is just as important as taking care of the pet. These articles will address any and all topics regarding pets and pet related topics. That being said, if you have any particular questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me on the “contact us” page. I would be more than happy to write a blog specific to the topic you are interested in. I often find that many different pet parents are looking for answers to the exact same problems, which is why this platform would be the perfect place for us to dive into some great content! After all, your pets are not “just pets,” they’re family too! While they can’t tell us what they’re thinking and how they’re feeling, we can try our best to understand their needs, and hopefully I can do just that for you! Stay tuned for future ParaMount Pet Care blogs as I look forward to answering and discussing any and all pet related topics.