Valentines Day With Your Pets


Because Their Love Is Unconditional 

February 14th is internationally known as the day of love, a.k.a. Valentine’s Day. However, many people presume that this love must exclusively exist between two people. Us dedicated pet lovers at ParaMount Pet Care disagree with this notion because we know and understand the unconditional love that every pet is capable of sharing. We have both experienced and reciprocated that love for every pet we meet because the love of a pet is something truly special. Today, we are going to discuss both how and why you should celebrate this year’s Valentine’s Day with your furry friends. 

The Bond Between Human And Pet

Unless you’ve had or have a loving pet of your own, it’s difficult to describe that special bond between pet owner and pet. Many of us know what it means to love your parents, relatives, friends, and significant others, but the bond between a person and their pet is truly special and unique. It’s unique in the sense that a pet cannot speak, write, or fully understand the verbal languages of humans. Anyone can say “I love you.” But, a pet has to use other means to express this sentiment. Body language, licking, purring, rubbing against your leg, snuggling, or even a simple head tilt, are all ways for your pet to express their love for you. And the same applies to us pet owners. We can tell our pets we love them all day, but they won’t understand these words. Instead, pet owners will go to extreme lengths to express their love for their pets such as buying them new toys, showering them with treats, talking “baby talk” to them, and giving them countless hours of attention from belly rubs to scratches behind the ears. Pet owners don’t simply keep their pets alive, they keep their pets loved thus giving them a reason to live at all. 

Why Pets Make The Perfect Valentine

Unlike humans, pets rely on their sense of instinct as opposed to self-consciousness and free will. Pets don’t judge you or hold prejudice against you based on superficial aspects or flaws you may or may not have. As humans, it’s easy to judge, jump to conclusions, and make assumptions about each other. But, pets don’t possess these qualities. On the contrary, most pets don’t care about the superficial parts of us. They don’t even notice how we dress or what kind of music we listen to, but rather they see us for who we really are. People typically feel more comfortable and relaxed in their own home which gives them the opportunity to really be themselves. But, our pets are home too and they arguably know us better than most people do because they see the “real” side of us when nobody else is around. As mentioned previously, it all comes down to that special bond between pet and pet owner. Your pet makes the perfect valentine because of this special bond of love that you won’t find anywhere else. 

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Pet

So you’ve decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your pet! But, where do you start? Flowers and chocolates won’t quite cut it. Here are a few gift ideas that will make your pet love you even more. One of the best gift ideas are treats! Nothing says “I love you” like a tasty snack. Buy your dog or cat some extra treats for them to nibble on this holiday and I guarantee they will look forward to it every year. As for the types of treats you should or shouldn’t buy, check out our previous blog Dog Treats 101 for more info. Perhaps the coolest thing you can do is get them hand made Valentine’s Day cookies! Our friends at P&D Pet Supply are always stocked up for the seasons if you need to pick something up last minute. Want something custom made? Check out our friends at The Good Boys Barkery who will make anything you need! Just make sure to get your orders in early as these treats take time (and love) to make. Another great Valentine’s Day gift for your pet is a new toy. Most pets love playtime. And since this is the holiday of love, give them something they will love to play with. If treats and toys aren’t your thing, how about a spa day! There are many pet friendly spas that will happily pamper your pet through bathing, grooming, and nail clipping. If pampering your pet isn’t your style, then try planning a whole day of fun filled activities with your pet. It doesn’t have to be anything outrageous or expensive, but make it memorable and special. Spend a few hours taking your dog on a nice walk through the countryside or curl up on the couch with your cat watching animal planet. It doesn’t matter what you do with your furry friend, what matters is that you spend some quality time with them to remind them that they are loved.