Why ParaMount Pet Care Is The #1 Choice For Dog Walking


The Many Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Company To Walk Your Dog

Hiring a dog walker can seem daunting. Who do you pick? Will they be reliable? What if something happens to my dog? Everyone has the same questions and we are here to explain why you and your pets will love using our dog walking services! Really, I have never seen happier dogs than the ones we walk on a regular basis. Once that routine is created between us and your dog, they will be looking for us at the door every day!

Peace Of Mind

ParaMount Pet Care is a professional pet sitting and dog walking company centered around the idea: “leave your pets behind with peace of mind.” So, choosing us to walk your dog should leave you with a sense of ease. As a professional company, all of our employees are bonded and insured. This provides protection for you as the client in the unlikely event that your dog breaks away from their collar/leash. Our dog walkers are also pet CPR & First Aid certified so that they can monitor any changes in your dog’s physical well-being and will take the appropriate steps needed to keep your dog healthy and safe. It is our job to notify you of any change, even if it seems minor. After all, you know your dog best and it is our policy to keep you as informed as possible when your pets are in our care.

Safety Procedures

We abide by a strict “no pack walks” policy in which your dog will receive one-on-one attention from their sitter and will not be walked with our other clients’ dogs at the same time. For more information about the dangers of “pack walking,” check out welovepets.care. Also, we will never approach another dog on the street while we are walking yours. At the same time, we will discourage anyone with a dog coming over to us as well. You just never know what could happen even if your dog or the other are the nicest of pets or even friends. It is of utmost importance to us to keep the safety of not only your pet but our sitters as a top priority. It is just not worth risking a potential accident, especially if it could have been completely avoided.


Unlike hiring your teenage neighbor down the street, using us to walk your dog comes with accountability and reliability. We use a current professional pet sitting software system called “Time To Pet” which offers a plethora of benefits to our clients such as:

  • Constant communication between you and your sitter so you can receive updates and photos
  • Sitter tracking with GPS location turned on so you not only can see that your sitter is at your home but which route they took for their walk
  • Sitter’s will “clock in and out” of their visits on the app so you can make sure they were at your home on time AND for the right amount of time 
  • Easy client access directly through this software using our “client portal” online or through the app to store any necessary pet information, vet information and emergency contact information for your sitter to access in the event that an emergency would arise

Highly Recommended

You should never have to worry when it comes to hiring a dog walker, especially when choosing a professional service. Our client testimonials prove that we are a highly recommended service in NEPA! Our newly referred clients even tell us this too. At ParaMount Pet Care, we are prepared for any and all circumstances in order to create a safe, fun and happy atmosphere for you, your dog and us! Choose a service like us to walk your dog and see why so many of our clients prefer ParaMount Pet Care every time. To learn more about the benefits of hiring a dog walker, check out our other article entitled Line Up Your Dog Walker