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Back To School & Work


How Our Services Can Help You When You Head Back To School And Work This Fall.

It’s just about that time of year when schools and offices will be reopening. Hopefully this year students will be able to enjoy a “real school” atmosphere when they go back to school. Teachers won’t have to struggle with a virtual classroom and parents can go back to their full time job in the office. While the pandemic definitely had its many downsides, I can think of one thing in particular that everyone gained and that is time! The world just about stopped and so did our social lives, work lives, school lives and so many other things we enjoy. But, through all this, we gained back time with our loved ones. That being said, some of us even added new additions to the family during the pandemic.  I’m talking puppies! People not only sought out breeders but shelters were starting to clear out too! The pet industry boomed and hit a record of over one hundred billion dollars in sales. But what is your dog to do now that you won’t be home as much? Let ParaMount Pet Care help!

Separation Anxiety

You know exactly what I’m talking about here! You and your furry friend were practically attached at the hip the last year and a half! Working from home, you and your dog were an unstoppable duo. From naps under the home office desk while you work (don’t you wish you could have joined too?), to walks on your lunch break and cuddling on the couch at night. Practically every waking and sleeping moment was spent together with your dog. Your dog was the happiest dog in the world. But have you noticed a shift in their behavior since your life started to speed back up again? Do they whimper when you leave the house or become destructive? If you are one of those people that is going back to work or school in a few short weeks, you may be thinking “what am I going to do with my dog?” Below are some services you might find helpful to ease your dog into the new situation of being alone for several hours during the day so they feel less anxious about being apart from you. To learn more about separation anxiety in dogs, check out the official ASPCA website.  

Mid-Day Dog Walking

This is the most obvious and most popular option for folks who work long days or simply cannot give their dog the exercise they crave for any number of reasons. With different packages and price points to choose from, you can find the option that best suits your needs! Typically, this is a half hour walk (although hour options are available) to break up the day for your dog and give them a much needed potty break, exercise and stimulation. Once your dog gets in the routine of a dog walker coming over several times a week, they now have something to look forward to. This actually ends up creating a positive experience around being left home alone for several hours and your dog suddenly won’t mind the solitude as much.

Multiple Visits Per Day

We also offer options to come to your home and do a walk or a visit multiple times per day. Our clients that love this service typically have dogs that need frequent potty breaks. This works out great for puppies, seniors or dogs that urinate frequently due to certain health conditions. When you choose this type of option, the 15 minute visit is usually the way to go and ends up being very deeply discounted. Your dog will love having a visitor pop in twice throughout the day and it will give you peace of mind knowing they will get the attention they need. If you’re interested in pet sitting services, check out our wide variety of service options on the ParaMount Pet Care website. 

Customizable Options

Just because you don’t see a particular service listed on our website doesn’t mean we can’t create something custom just for you and your pet! We understand that every pet’s needs are different. Maybe you need more than fifteen minutes to an hour? We can work out hourly pricing too! This type of option may be best suited for people who travel out of town occasionally for work. Although this post is directed more toward dogs, this goes for any pet owner as well! We want to be able to create the best experience for you and your pet so that they are comfortable, cared for and happy in their own home while you go out and earn the biscuits! 

The ParaMount Difference

As we have mentioned before in an earlier blog post, hiring us to take care of your needs will give you an experience like no other. Don’t let going back to school or work make you panic about how your pet will be cared for while you’re not home. Offering peace of mind is something we take very seriously here. In fact, it’s in our motto: “Leave pets behind with peace of mind!” As an experienced and professional company, our clients get updates and pictures after every visit via our app. The app allows you to communicate with your sitter, see your sitter’s timestamps for every visit, and has GPS to your sitter’s phone for proof we were at your house and (if applicable) show the walking route that was taken with your pet! Let us take the stress out of the “back to school and work” season so that you can go out there and excel in your field with a happy pet waiting for you to come home!