Flea & Tick Prevention Basics


Going Over The Basics When It Comes To Flea & Tick Prevention In Pets Including The Best Products And Procedures To Keep Your Furry Friend Flea & Tick Free

As we shift into the spring season, it’s time to start thinking about flea & tick prevention for your dogs and cats. But, there are so many different flea & tick prevention options available that it can be a little overwhelming. But rest assured, ParaMount Pet Care has you covered. 

This article will go over all of the flea & tick options available for your furry friends. Additionally, it will also cover the pro’s and con’s of each product. Full disclosure, we are not sponsored or affiliated with any of the manufacturers of the products mentioned in this article. We are recommending these products based on our own personal experience with them and the results they offered. 

How To Protect Your Pets

The best way to handle fleas & ticks is to take preventative measures. It’s much easier to prevent fleas and ticks than to get rid of them. There are essentially three primary ways to protect your pets from fleas and ticks. Collars, topical solutions, and oral. Below is a breakdown of these three forms of treatment. 

Cat flea & tick collar

Cat flea & tick collar


A simple and cost effective way to protect your pets from fleas & ticks is through flea & tick collars. According to Medical Animal, these collars contain flea & tick repellent chemicals. These chemicals are continuously released from the collar and spread over the pet through natural oils on the skin, coat, and hair. 

Keep in mind that not all collars are created equal. Some older styles of collars contain chemicals that can cause toxic reactions in dogs and cats. Additionally, these collars can be problematic if other pets in the household are licking and/or chewing on each other’s collars. 

For a comprehensive list of the best flea & tick collars for dogs, click here. For cats, we recommend the Seresto Flea & Tick Treatment & Prevention Collar. Click here for more details. 

Topical solution for fleas & ticks

Topical solution for fleas & ticks

Topical Solution

The most common form of protection against fleas & ticks is through topical solutions. This product comes in liquid form and is applied directly onto a dog or cat’s skin. These solutions protect your pet for 30 continuous days. 

According to Hartz, this product kills fleas and ticks by depositing chemicals into the sebaceous glands. Then, the active ingredient is released and translocate through the glands that lubricate a pet’s coat with oil. This ensures that your pet’s entire body is protected.

This product is very convenient to use and will continue to work if your pet gets wet from rain or bathes. For a full breakdown of the best topical solutions for dogs, click here. For a full breakdown of the best topical solutions for cats, click here

Oral Treatment

The last form of flea & tick protection for dogs and cats is through oral pills. Unlike the collar and topical solution, oral treatment is ingested by your pet. They come in flavored chewable tablets and are given by mouth. These products work slightly differently depending on the brand. 

Essentially, the chemicals in the oral chew are absorbed by your pet and go into their bloodstream or the fluids beneath the skin. When a tick or flea feeds on your pet, they ingest the chemicals and die. Oral flea & tick prevention is fast acting and can kill 100% fleas within 24 hours according to 1800petmeds

Keep in mind that this form of flea & tick prevention can have negative effects on your pets. Because the pet is ingesting it, they are more susceptible to having a bad reaction to the chemicals. This product is usually only available through a veterinary prescription. So, consult with your veterinarian to determine if this product is a good fit for your pets. 

A dog & cat at the veterinarian

A dog & cat at the veterinarian

Consult With Your Veterinarian 

All of the aforementioned products are effective, but come with risks. They all contain chemicals that may have negative side effects on your pets. Every pet is different and may react to these products in different ways. For these reasons, we recommend always consulting with your veterinarian first before administering any of these products. 

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