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Is It Better To Have Just One Pet In Your House?


Discussing The Intricacies Of Having Multiple Pets In Your Home Versus One Pet In Your Home

Is it practical to own more than one pet? Being a pet owner is a huge responsibility that should never be taken lightly. Those that are responsible and dedicated enough to be pet owners typically have more than one pet. However, one pet should never get preferential treatment over another pet in the same home. Having multiple pets in one home is truly a balancing act and can sometimes be difficult. This article will discuss the practicality of owning multiple pets, how to manage a household with multiple pets, and things to consider when adding pets to your family/home.

The Circumstances

The truth is that owning a pet is not only a responsibility, but a luxury. Regardless of what kind of pet you have, it will cost you both time and money. Typically speaking, you should only own a pet if you have the extra time in your life to properly care for it. Pets need food, water, and shelter to survive. But, they also need love and attention in order to thrive and be happy. Aside from time, owning a pet can be expensive. If you’re seriously considering having multiple pets, make sure you can afford to properly care for them.  

Is Owning Multiple Pets Practical?

Whether or not you should own multiple pets is subjective and will vary from situation to situation. This section is mostly just our opinion, but is grounded from a realistic perspective. If you already own one pet and are thinking about getting another pet, be sure to consider your current pet’s feelings and reaction. You know your pets better than anyone. So, you should have a pretty good idea of how your pet will respond and coexist with a new pet in the household. Some dogs and cats can be very territorial and/or jealous when it comes to sharing a home or an owner. You should always do what’s in the pet’s best interest as opposed to your desire for more pets.

Types Of Pets That Easily Get Along

When it comes to pets coexisting, some animals get along better than others. Dogs and cats of the same litter will typically be very friendly with one another as they have known each other since birth. The sex of an animal also plays a huge factor into whether or not pets will get along. Typically, female cats do not get along with each other whereas male dogs will eventually learn to accept one another. Breeds also tend to play an important role in a dog’s temperament and personality when interacting with other animals. For more information on whether or not your dog could benefit from another dog in the house, check out our previous article Does My Dog Need A Dog?

Things To Avoid

One of the most important things to consider when bringing a new pet into the house is the history of the pets. We always encourage adopting your pets from animal shelters. However, we don’t always know what shelter animals have experienced in their past. Many shelter pets have suffered from abuse and neglect, resulting in potentially dangerous and abrupt behavior. When introducing a new pet to the household, we recommend doing it slowly and carefully. Try introducing them outside of the house if applicable. This will give your current pet less of a territorial feeling and hopefully make them more receptive to this new pet. You can also keep the new pet separated from your current pet for the first couple of days by sectioning off rooms or areas of the house. 

The Big Picture

Overall, if you have the time, money, space, and patience, then having multiple pets is very doable. Again, pet ownership is a responsibility and a privilege. Owning a pet is a beautiful thing as you are giving that pet a good home and a good life. Owning pets should never be looked at as having a collection, but rather as having a family. We hope this article helps you make a more wise and informed decision regarding multiple pet ownership. For more info on the struggles and benefits of owning multiple pets, check out the official American Kennel Club website