Keeping Pets Happy In The Winter


Discussing Some Of The Best Ways To Keep Your Pets Happy And Well Entertained During The Cold Winter Months

During the cold winter months, there aren’t many fun things to do outside. This is especially true for pets. While pets are safe and warm indoors, they also tend to get bored indoors. Pets, especially dogs, are accustomed to running and playing outside. This can be more difficult to do amongst the snow, ice, and freezing temperatures. 

However, there are alternatives when it comes to rescuing your pets from boredom. This article will offer some alternative ways you can stimulate your pets this winter without having to go outside. 

Doggy play date

Doggy play date

Pet Play Dates

One great way to keep your pets stimulated during the winter is to set up some pet play dates. This is generally more applicable to dogs than cats. However, it really boils down to the temperament and personality of your pet. Some dogs & cats enjoy the company of other dogs & cats, but this isn’t always the case. Be sure to gauge your pet’s reaction to other pets and assess whether or not they would enjoy the company of another furry friend. 

This can be a great opportunity to socialize your pets and see how they respond around other animals. We recommend doing so with someone you know and trust like a neighbor, friend, or relative. Additionally, always keep your pets well supervised during pet playdates. Should something go wrong, it’s important that you be there to handle it. 

Obstacle Course

A fun and exciting way to entertain your pets indoors during winter is to set up an obstacle course for them. This works for both dogs and cats that have a playful nature. Giving them various boxes, tunnels, and areas to run through will both entertain them and give them some well deserved exercise. We encourage you to get creative and make the obstacle course fun and challenging for your pets. For more information on how to make a D.I.Y. obstacle course at home, click here

A cat cuddling with a new toy

A cat cuddling with a new toy

More Toys!

Nothing says fun like toys! Most dogs and cats absolutely love toys and will spend countless hours playing with them. During the winter, we recommend giving your pets some new, fun toys to play with. This will keep them preoccupied and give them an opportunity for more exercise. Be sure to invest in some interactive toys too! This way you can enjoy some extra quality time playing with your furry friend. 

Indoor Walks

Dogs love to go for walks. It provides a good amount of exercise and stimulation that dogs need. If you feel like your dog isn’t getting enough walking time this winter, then try walking them indoors. While it may seem silly, it can be very beneficial for your dog. Even just doing laps around the living room can help get some of your dog’s pent up energy out. 

When walking indoors, be sure to walk at a consistent pace and try to avoid stopping too much. Use a leash and collar/harness like usual. Additionally, be sure to only do this in a room that has enough space. You want your dog to be able to move around freely without bumping into furniture or knocking stuff over. 

Extra Snuggle Time

When in doubt, snuggle it out. There are few things more entertaining to pets than snuggle time. Curling up on the couch with your furry friend is a great way to keep them comfortable, cozy, and happy. Pets love their owners and spending quality time with them is always a great way to spend the day. Don’t be afraid to throw some extra fuzzy blankets on the couch for your dog or cat to burrow under and get cozy. 

A professional dog walker

A professional dog walker

Hire The Professionals To Entertain Your Pets!

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