Mother’s Day For Dogs


Covering Everything You Need To Know About Doggy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a truly special holiday that celebrates and honors motherhood. It’s an important holiday that reminds us all just how valuable and irreplaceable our mothers are. But, being a mother isn’t exclusive to just people. Our four legged furry friends have mothers and can become mothers too. This article is all about dogs that are moms and how they too can be celebrated this Mother’s Day. 

What Does It Mean To Be A Mom?

Motherhood is a serious responsibility, yet also one of the most worthwhile experiences imaginable. Being a mother is all about witnessing and appreciating your children grow up with the values and life lessons you taught them along the way. Like anything in life, there are highs and there are lows. But, ultimately motherhood is one of the most profound and rewarding experiences in life. 

Motherhood In Dogs

Although it can be easily overlooked, being a dog and a mom is tough work. When a human becomes a mom, it usually involves one child. When a dog becomes a mom, it involves a whole litter of puppies! A normal size litter can have anywhere from 1 to 12 puppies. The average amount of puppies in a litter is around 5 to 6. That’s a lot of little ones to keep track of! A mother dog provides milk, cleans the puppies fur, and teaches them how to navigate life all at the same time. This is no easy feat, yet dog moms are doing it everyday.

How You Can Celebrate With Your Dog

This mother’s day, we encourage you to do something special for your dog who bears the responsibility of being a mother. Take them on a nice car ride somewhere or to your local park for some one-on-one playtime. You can also take them to a pet-friendly restaurant, bar & grill, or bistro near you. Even something as simple as a special dog treat or bone will help make her feel special and loved during this wonderful holiday. For more fun ideas on how to celebrates mother’s day with your dog, check out

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Your furry mom friend deserves the best and we want to help you give her the best. Give your mother dog the gift of love, entertainment, stimulation, and exercise all in one! The professional dog walkers here at ParaMount Pet Care would be happy to take your furry friend on some nice long walks. Click here to become a client today! Are you unfamiliar with our services? Then click here to check out the wide variety of services we offer alongside our competitive prices. 

Dog Moms Are Moms Too

Remember, being a mother doesn’t always mean there is a biological relation. There are plenty of women out there that choose to have dogs instead of children (often referred to as “dog moms”). We recognize, respect, and support dog moms everywhere because they too understand the significance and importance of motherhood. To all of the regular moms, dog moms, and dogs that are moms, we say thank you, we love you, and happy Mother’s Day!