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National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week


Covering The Week-Long Pet-Themed Holiday That Commemorates And Gives Thanks To Animal Shelters Across The U.S.

The first full week of November is widely celebrated by pet lovers everywhere as National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week. This week-long pet-themed holiday will take place from November 5th to November 11th this year (2023). The aim of this holiday is to recognize and give thanks to the various animal shelters across the U.S. In honor of National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week, this article will discuss the history of animal shelters, why they are so important, how you can help them, and how you can celebrate this wonderful holiday. 

How The Holiday Began

National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week was founded in 1996 by The Humane Society of The United States. They created this holiday to acknowledge and appreciate the important role that U.S. animal shelters fulfill. Additionally, this holiday also serves as a reminder to the general public about the degree of hard work involved in caring for shelter animals. This week-long holiday acknowledges the hard-working people that support animal shelters and keep shelter pets happy & healthy. 

A shelter dog in need of a good home

A shelter dog in need of a good home

About Animal Shelters

Many people are quick to forget that most animal shelters are non-profit. This means that they rely on donations and grants to stay open and operational. Additionally, most animal shelters don’t have the budget to hire full-time employees. Therefore, animal shelters usually rely on volunteers to care for the shelter animals.

Animal shelters provide a very important role in our communities. They house, care for, and try to find a home for stray animals. Additionally, they also help reunite lost pets with their owners. Animal shelters provide a very important, yet often taken for granted, role in everyday society. The people who work at animal shelters work tirelessly to provide the best care for shelter animals and lost pets. That’s why it’s so important to acknowledge and honor them during National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week. 

The History Of Animal Shelters

Animal shelters are a very important part of American society, but they haven’t always been around. The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty To Animals (S.P.C.A.) was founded in 1824 in Britain. This organization focused on shifting the perceptions of how dogs should be treated. The S.P.C.A. moved to the U.S. in 1866 by a man named Henry Burgh. 

The first U.S. animal shelter was founded in 1869 by the women’s S.P.C.A. of Pennsylvania. It was built in Bucks County Pennsylvania and it is still operational to this day. This animal shelter originally only took in horses. But, over time, they began to take in dogs, cats, and other small animals. As more animal shelters popped up across the country, they began to expand their services. Animal shelters now offer veterinary care, pet care education, emergency pet care, and more. 

Animal shelter volunteers

Animal shelter volunteers

How You Can Help The Cause

There are many different ways you can observe National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week and help the cause. The best way is to donate to your local animal shelter. As previously mentioned, most animal shelters are non-profit and rely on donations. Therefore, any monetary or supply donation to your local animal shelter would be most appreciated. Additionally, you can also donate your time by volunteering at your local animal shelter. Most animal shelters are always in need of extra help.

Besides donations, you can also get involved with National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week by choosing to adopt your next pet. Adoption is a wonderful and selfless act that gives a shelter animal a good home and gives you a new best friend. Keep in mind that owning a pet is a big responsibility and should not be taken lightly. Only adopt a shelter animal if you have the time and resources to care for them. For more information on where & how to adopt a shelter animal near you, go to PetFinder.com

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