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National Dog Biscuit Day


Going Over Dog Biscuits, Their Origin, The Different Types, And Why Dogs Love Them, In Honor Of The Holiday That Celebrates Dog Biscuits

When people think of February holidays, they usually think of Valentine’s Day. However, February is also home to a very important holiday for dogs and dog owners. February 23rd is widely celebrated as National Dog Biscuit Day! In honor of this holiday, this article will discuss dog biscuits. This includes their origin, the different types, which are healthy for dogs, and why dogs love them so much. 

The Origins Of Dog Biscuits

According to the Pet Food Institute, the first commercially-prepared dog biscuit was created in England in 1860. It was invented by businessman James Spratt. While aboard a ship, Spratt witnessed dogs being fed leftover biscuits. This inspired him to create the first official biscuit for dogs. 

The first dog biscuit was a combination of wheat meals, beetroot, beef blood, and vegetables. These biscuits were a huge success appealing to the English country gentleman and their sporting dogs. Around 1890, a British public company took over Spratt’s formula and began production in the U.S. Similar companies would later pop up in the U.S. developing the first dry kibble and canned dog food.

Dog treats variety

Dog treats variety

Different Types Of Dog Biscuits

Dog treats have come a long way since 1890. Nowadays, there are many different types of dog treats besides just biscuits. The most common types of dog treats on today’s market are soft treats, crunchy treats, freeze-dried treats, animal bones/hooves, rawhides, pig ears, and dental chews. 

What kind of treat to give your dog will vary depending on your dog’s personal taste and nutritional needs. For a more comprehensive list of the different types of dog treats on today’s market, click here

Choosing Healthy Dog Biscuits

It’s important to remember that dog treats are exactly that, treats. They should not be used to supplement or replace actual dog food. Because of this, be sure not to give your dog too many treats. Too many treats can lead to obesity which can lead to health complications. 

When it comes to healthy dog treats, we recommend picking ones that are low-carb and high in protein. Always check the ingredient list before purchasing dog treats and avoid products with fillers or preservatives. For a full guide on picking healthy dog treats, click here

A dog getting a treat

A dog getting a treat

Why Dogs Love Biscuits

Dogs are typically very food motivated. As a result, they will do nearly anything for biscuits/treats. That is why treats are often used in dog training. Rewarding a dog for good behavior with a treat is usually very effective for continuing and maintaining good behavior. 

Additionally, dogs love biscuits/treats because they taste delicious! At least to them of course. Dog biscuits/treats have come a long way since their inception in 1860. Today’s dog biscuits/treats cater to dogs’ interests. That’s why we see dog treats come in a myriad of flavors like bacon, cheese, peanut butter, liver, salmon, turkey, etc. Dogs love biscuits/treats because we have designed them to be irresistible to dogs. 

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