Pittston Feature!


Offering Quality Pet Sitting In Pittston & Surrounding Areas

When you think of ParaMount Pet Care, you might think of the Back Mountain or Mountain Top. After all, Mount is in our name for a reason! The real reason is that we got our start in Mountain Top and found a similar demographic of clients who could benefit from our services that also live in the Back Mountain. Then, ParaMount Pet Care was born! We got our official start as a pet sitting and dog walking company in November of 2020 but have been involved in the pet industry for quite some time! While we have our roots in Mountain Top, you may be asking yourself “what about other areas in Luzerne County?” We actually service a very large part of Luzerne County and would love to service the whole county eventually. For a general idea, we don’t go much south of the Drums area, but we do expand as far north as possible! We would like to touch on the Pittston and surrounding areas specifically and how we are just starting to create a strong client base and community support there as well!

Our Friends In The Greater Pittston Area

You may first of all be familiar with some of the businesses we call buddies! We were very fortunate and happy to be connected up with Pittston’s own Pet Zone. As a local pet sitting & dog walking business, you can imagine they were definitely high on our radar of places to connect with. Located on Oak street in Pittston, these guys are top notch in the field of reptiles and fish. They also are a full service pet store and offer all of your basic necessities for dogs, cats and small animals as well. Next, we of course want to mention our absolute favorite boarding and doggy day care facility called Maxwell’s House. Located on Tunnel Street in Pittston, these guys get great google reviews for a reason! They offer a unique variety of boarding options such as their “Deluxe Suite” where each room comes with flat screen TV’s streaming DogTV as endorsed by the Humane Society, a complimentary nail trim and bath if your pet will be staying 2 days or more. Because of these two great local businesses, ParaMount Pet Care is able to continue to grow and flourish in the Greater Pittston Area. 




A Special Offer! 

You may have also seen us on the Pittston Area Community Facebook page before too! Often, we will make a presence on the page to advertise our services or any specials we might have going on during that time. We feel that it is such an important platform to reach some of our best clients as we incorporate the use of technology in our business where our clients use an app to communicate with their pet sitter. This page has a huge following reaching not only the fine folks of Pittston, but their neighbors in Avoca, West Pittston, Dupont, Duryea, Wyoming and even Exeter! We realize we still have a ton of work to do to reach everyone in all of these areas but we want to let you all know that we see you and we would love for you to give our pet sitting and dog walking services a try some time! In fact, I’m curious to see if anyone from these aforementioned towns will read this blog. If you’re out there, I’d like to make you a special offer. If you go to our website at nepapetsitting.com/book-now to book your services, if you mention Pittston Blog, I will give you a deal of $50 off of your total booking of $100 or more. The only stipulation is that you must be a new client and located in Pittston, West Pittston, Avoca, Duryea, Dupont, Wyoming or Exeter. This deal has absolutely no expiration either! We are always looking to add on new clients in your area, so we will run this deal forever! All you have to do is mention this blog. 

The Greater Pittston Progress

Finally, we would like to give a shout out to your local Pittston newspaper, The Greater Pittston Progress! I had the pleasure of speaking with Joe who is in charge of running the ads and he was excited to hear about what our business has to offer. You will see a bunch of our ads for pet sitting and dog walking in the local newspaper in the upcoming weeks and might even be able to catch a deal we are running in there as well! We are thrilled to have yet another connection and to keep reaching out to as many of the wonderful people in the Greater Pittston Area as possible! I can’t say exactly what we will be running in the paper but I know for a fact you will see a very similar opportunity to try out one of our amazing deals which would be exclusive to Pittston, West Pittston and the surrounding areas as mentioned before. 

What ParaMount Pet Care Can Do For You

To wrap it up, we would like to remind you briefly of the services we offer in case that is something you or your family and friends could benefit from. At ParaMount pet care, our most popular service would be the 30 minute visit or dog walk. They are priced the same but we do offer a special discount to anyone who wants to use us for a routine dog walking service. If you work long hours or travel a lot for work, the dog walking service would be perfect for you! We also offer other pet sitting visits and dog walks such as the 15 minute and hour long walks/visits. If overnight care is something you are interested in, we offer that too! This is where one of our team members would sleep in your home with your pets for the night. This would also include the final potty break before bed and then ample time for breakfast/potty and play in the morning! It is a very popular service and books fast around here! Do you have small animals? We offer care for all your critters and even guinea pig and bunny boarding. You can check out a full list of services on our website at nepapetsitting.com/core-pet-services.