The Benefits Of Hiring A Dog Walker


How Hiring A Midday Dog Walker Can Give You Relief During Your Work Day!



If your dog is lacking in this department, hiring a dog walker is great to get them socialized in an environment they’re already familiar with by meeting new people and stimulating the senses. While we won’t do “pack walks” or allow your dog to meet other dogs for the safety of your pet, your dog is sure to enjoy the fresh air, sights, sounds, smells and different walking routes to keep them intrigued. 


A tired dog is a good dog! If you find your pet getting into things while you’re at work, hiring a dog walker can deter disruptive behavior and improve the relationship between you and your pet after a long work day. With the consistency of having a dog walker come to the house several times per week, over the course of time, you will notice better leash behavior too; especially with puppies! Many times your dog will become less reactive to distracting noises, animals and people because they have been desensitized to it. For a more in-depth look into the world of dog behavior and body language, check out the official American Kennel Club website

Peace of Mind

Knowing that someone will be there to relieve your dog and provide necessary exercise can give you a sense of ease while you work. You shouldn’t have to spend your days at work checking on your doggy cam constantly to make sure your pooch didn’t get into anything. If they get that break to exercise in the middle of the day, they are more inclined to spend the rest of the afternoon sleeping while you finish out your work day. This also works for those of you that are working from home too. You don’t always have the luxury of taking a half hour out of your demanding day to walk your dog. 

Time Saver

With a regular dog walker, your pet gets all the exercise and attention they deserve and you gain back time in your evening when you get home. Everyone wins! This means more time to eat family dinner and just snuggle with your dog on the couch for a relaxing evening. Oftentimes, pet parents end up coming home, knowing they have a whole day’s worth of pent up energy in their dog they need to release before they get to wind down themselves.  


Just as with regular exercise for humans, dogs also benefit from consistent exercise as well, gaining better cardiovascular health, stronger muscles and bones in the body, decreased blood pressure and relief from stress and anxiety. This can certainly contribute to a longer life for your dog, just like a more active human will likely live longer than someone who is more sedentary.  


I have never seen any dog more excited to see me than the ones I walk on a regular basis. Because of this, your pets have something to look forward to AND it gets them acquainted with their pet sitter for a super easy and stress-free time when you decide to book a vacation. Your dog already associates their dog walker with HAPPINESS! Think of how easy it will be to finally go on that trip you’ve been wanting to take, knowing not only is your dog in great hands, but your dog already has a very strong connection with the person you are leaving them with. 

How To Start

Most people find that just supplementing one to two days per week using a dog walker is sufficient enough for their pup to start reaping the benefits! Sometimes, people will send their dog to a daycare on opposite days. Other times, people may be working from home 2-3 days per week and choose to have the dog walker fill in on the days they go into the office. The possibilities are endless but the benefits of regular walks for your dog are something that will improve their quality of life in the long run! If you’re interested in hiring a dog walker, check out our official ParaMount Pet Care website to see the various services we offer.