Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Pets


Gift Ideas That Express Your Love For Your Furry Friends

Valentine’s Day is almost here! And what better way to spend the holiday of love than with your furry best friend? Your dog doesn’t know what Valentine’s Day is or what it means, but it’s the thought that counts. Your furry friend will appreciate any and all gifts you give them this Valentine’s Day. However, it’s important that these gifts are both safe and healthy for your dog too. This article will cover what gifts you should and shouldn’t give your dog this Valentine’s Day.

Safety Above All Else

Regardless of what gift you give your pet’s for Valentine’s Day, make sure that gift is safe for them. The idea of giving your dog a box of chocolates is cute. But, the reality is that chocolate is very toxic to dogs. If you plan on giving your pet any type of edible gifts, be sure to consider their health first. Avoid giving your pet anything that may be harmful or toxic to them. The same goes for non-edible gifts as well. Whether it’s gift wrap or any chemically treated material, there are many things that your pet shouldn’t eat. Don’t give them the opportunity, especially when it comes to dogs. For a more comprehensive list on potentially dangerous items for your pets, check out the official F.D.A. website

Chocolate Substitute

Chocolate is one of the most traditional Valentine’s Day gifts of all time. However, chocolate is very toxic to both dogs and cats. This is due to both the caffeine and the alkaloid known as theobromine naturally found in cacao. Dogs and cats are unable to properly process these substances, making them both poisonous and deadly. However, there is a solution! The Carob bean is a close relative to the cocoa bean (where chocolate comes from). It has a very similar taste and texture as the cocoa bean, but contains no caffeine or theobromine. For more information on carob and various recipes you can use it in, check out our previous article entitled Chocolate Substitute Treats Your Dog Will Love

Our Favorite Gift Ideas

 This section is purely opinion-based on what we think are some of the best gift ideas for your pets. For dogs, we suggest a new doggy coat for their walks and outdoor activities. The type of coat will vary depending on your climate and season. But, there is a wide variety to choose from such as rain coats, parkas, windbreakers, etc. Secondly, a new toy is always a nice gift for both dogs and cats. A new ball or bone for your dog to chase and chew on; a toy mouse filled with catnip for your feline friend; the possibilities are endless. Lastly, the key to any pets’ heart is through their stomach. Give your pet some delicious treats to munch on this Valentine’s Day. Whether they’re store-bought or homemade, your pets will greatly appreciate them and you. 

Showing Some Love

The ultimate purpose and theme of Valentine’s Day is love. It’s about expressing your love for the special person and/or pet in your life. It doesn’t matter how many gifts you give or how expensive of a gift you give them. What counts is the act of giving itself. Reminding that special person and/or pet in your life how much you love and appreciate them is the greatest gift of all. We hope this article helped you choose a great gift for your furry friend and have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.