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Blue Chip Pet Of The Month (July)

Blue Chip Pet Of The Month

Featuring Zoey Who Is Currently Up For Adoption

We are very happy to announce our featured Blue Chip Farm Animal Refuge Pet of the Month! This month we are featuring a very kind and loving dog named Zoey.


Zoey is a mixed breed. She is around 5-7 years old. Zoey has a very beautiful coat of tan, white, and black with brindle markings. Her markings give her a very distinctive and noticeable appearance that really makes her stand out from the typical dog. 


Zoey is an exceptionally smart dog and is very good at following commands. She does have some trust issues and it would require several meetings before she opens up. But, once you’ve earned her trust, she is a very loving and affectionate dog. She’s the kind of dog that will make you feel guilty if you stop petting her!


Zoey is an extremely happy and affectionate dog when she’s around people she trusts. However, she can still be very shy and skeptical around strangers. If adopted, she would need to be in a home that has no other dogs, cats, or children. Several meet & greets would be required. But, once the trust is built, she is a very kind and loyal companion. 

More About Zoey

Zoey absolutely loves attention. She will let you pet her all day & all night and still want more. She has a lot of energy and really enjoys playing with interactive toys like balls for fetch and rope for tug-of-war. She is fully house trained and will do nearly anything for a treat. She has been spayed, screened for common canine diseases, and has all of her shots. 

The Sponsors

In keeping with the Blue Chip Pet Of The Month tradition, Zoey’s adoption fees are being fully covered by this month’s sponsors. This month’s sponsor is Tanya Brown of Wilkes-Barre, PA. Tanya is a die-hard animal lover and has three adorable dogs of her own. She is a well known local real estate agent and currently works for Luxe Homes Real Estate. 

If you or someone you know is looking for a quality real estate agent, you can contact Tanya at 570-574-3000 or email [email protected].

Training Tip 1

When is a leash more than a leash? A lot of people may not realize that to a dog, a leash is not just a restraint. Leashes act like a two way communication tool. Think of a telephone line where information is traveling actively in both directions. Loose leash walking is the goal we want to achieve where the dog is calmly walking at our pace.  

Training treats are a great way to get your dog’s attention. Walk your dog on your left side. If the dog walks at the desired pace, then praise them and offer the treat without breaking stride. Get eye contact by bringing the treat with your left hand up to your left shoulder, then give them the treat. If your dog pulls, try pulling backwards saying “no pull” and turning around in the opposite direction. This is something your dog may want to avoid, and get him to walk without pulling. One or more backward leash “pops” may be necessary while saying “no pull.”

Training Tip 2

Many harnesses have a ring attachment in the chest area. A leash attached here will result in the dog being pulled to the side if he attempts to forge ahead of you. This is also mildly disorienting and many dogs get the message to walk with their owner when using this method.  Whatever the method, it will take many repetitions and patience to achieve the desired effect.  

Also, if someone is approaching in your direction, avoid tightening up on the leash to try to get better control of your dog. The dog will interpret this as a situation that they should fear which may trigger further lunging to try to protect you. It is better to distract your dog by giving a treat and giving the approaching party some additional space.

Apply To Adopt

If you or someone you know is interested in adopting Zoey, then click here to go to the adoption application on the Blue Chip Farm Animal Refuge website. ParaMount Pet Care will be featuring a different Blue Chip Farm pet every month, so be sure to check out our blog section regularly. 

Previously Sponsored Dogs Of The Month

Additionally, the previous Blue Chip Pets Of The Month (Remington, Millie, and Diesel) STILL haven’t been adopted! Click here for more information on Remington, click here for more information on Millie, and click here for more information on Diesel. These are good natured pets that deserve a good home and we are determined to find one for all of them! 

Meet The Author

This article was written by Louise Breakstone (mother of Laura Breakstone aka the Owner of ParaMount Pet Care). Louise is a volunteer at Blue Chip and works with all of the dogs we feature here for our Blue Chip Pet Of The Month. She not only selflessly gives up her time to help out at the shelter, but she and her husband are currently sponsoring Millie (the Blue Chip Pet Of The Month for May 2023).