Blue Chip Pet Of The Month (June)

Blue Chip Pet Of The Month

Featuring Diesel Who Is Currently Up For Adoption

We are very happy to announce our featured Blue Chip Farm Animal Refuge Dog of the Month! This month we are featuring a very lovable and energetic dog named Diesel. 


Diesel is a small, yet spunky, Labrador & basset hound mix. He is about 8 years old, but you would never know that based on his energetic personality. Diesel is a beautiful shade of dark brown with matching brown eyes and a splash of white on his chest. He is an exceptionally handsome dog and can be very affectionate once he warms up to you. 


When it comes to personality, Diesel has plenty of it! He is a very vibrant and lively dog that loves to play and go for walks. Diesel has been at Blue Chip Animal Refuge for about 4 years now. He was originally surrendered due to resource guarding. The volunteers at Blue Chip have been working on this behavior with him and he has made a ton of progress over the past few years.  


Diesel is a very loyal and affectionate dog once he gets to know you. However, he still has trust issues with new people. If adopted, he would need to be in a home that has no other dogs, cats, or children. Several meet & greets would be required. But, once the trust is built, he is a very kind and loyal companion. 

More About Diesel

Diesel loves to go for walks, hikes, and car rides. He has overall good behavior when he goes to the veterinary office and is currently up-to-date on all of his vaccinations. Diesel enjoys playing with other dogs as long as there are no toys or treats nearby. We strongly believe that Diesel is very deserving of a second chance to find his forever home.

The Sponsors

In keeping with the Blue Chip Pet Of The Month tradition, Diesel’s adoption fees are being fully covered by this month’s sponsors. This month’s sponsors are Heather and Dave Pugliese of Mountaintop, PA. The Puglieses are true animal lovers that believe every dog deserves a second chance. We hope their generosity will help Diesel find his forever home soon.

Training Tip

The “sit” command is the basis of all dog training. It is the starting off point of all other skills to teach your dog. Always start with a high value treat. Something very tasty to your dog, like a very small piece of meat or cheese. When teaching your dog any new skill, do so in a quiet, distraction free area.

First, hold the small treat between your thumb and forefinger so the dog can see and smell it. Next, raise the treat above the dog’s nose (about 3 inches up and slightly behind him). Chances are this will cause a spontaneous sit. When the dog sits, give him/her the treat while saying the word “sit.” 

If this doesn’t work, move in a little closer to start. Repeat the exercise 10 times, 3 times per day until the dog sits on command. Then, you can use the phrases “Yes!” and “Good sit!” to reinforce the behavior with the treat.  Many repetitions are necessary for a dog to learn a new behavior, so be patient and always end a session on a good note.

Apply To Adopt

If you or someone you know is interested in adopting Diesel, then click here to go to the adoption application on the Blue Chip Farm Animal Refuge website. ParaMount Pet Care will be featuring a different Blue Chip Farm pet every month, so be sure to check out our blog section regularly. 

Previously Sponsored Pets Of The Month

Additionally, the previous Blue Chip Pets Of The Month (Remington and Millie) STILL haven’t been adopted! Click here for more information on Remington and click here for more information on Millie. These are good natured pets that deserve a good home and we are determined to find one for all of them! 

Meet The Author

This article was written by Louise Breakstone (mother of Laura Breakstone aka the Owner of ParaMount Pet Care). Louise is a volunteer at Blue Chip and works with all of the dogs we feature here for our Blue Chip Pet Of The Month. She not only selflessly gives up her time to help out at the shelter, but she and her husband are currently sponsoring Millie (the Blue Chip Pet Of The Month for May 2023).